CASE STUDIES - Incentives

Fishermen Festival Private Event

Request: How could our guests have a real festival experience?

Our first reaction was: no problem, we will do it. Let us plan a private Fishermen Festival experience just for the guests. Our planning was done a year and a half in advance and included many meetings at a local level. The fishing community was immediately up to the challenge and prepared with detailed planning of the distribution of tasks. Each participant had a specific recipe to take care of. They spent two days preparing the most famous recipes of the region for the guests. Black mussels in the traditional way, seafood stew prepared in front of the guests, black risotto show cooking and local fresh seafood as a starter were just some of the dishes they worked on.
The entire event privatized the area in the fishing port and provided a unique opportunity to adapt the interior to the needs of the client. Benches and tables were set up, lighting and sound systems were installed, one of the best Slovenian caterers supported with additional buffet stations and traditional entertainment was an active part of the whole event.


Future: Slovenia is known for regional festivals that reflect the local heritage and they are also a vibrant part of the local communities in Slovenia. It is a national heritage that conveys the local passion for traditions and their preservation.

Honeybread Heart Souvenir Workshop

Request: Create an “out of the box” experience during lunch.

We sat down and started to think about what would be a fun activity. We got the idea that the programs in Slovenia are very busy most of the time. We were not sure if the guests could buy local souvenirs. So here we are, why do not they create their own souvenir to take home. We researched the possibilities and found a nice lady who makes honey bread products with the local certifications. It was the first time we looked into the question of whether we could teach the customer the local handicraft knowledge of Slovenia. The baking of such honey bread is one of the oldest crafts in Slovenia, it was started by the old Slavs and it is believed that the craft is 1300 years old. In the 19th century there was a boom of such production, where they were baked for the church, family holidays and wedding gifts. The producers of honey bread sold their products at large fairs and markets, making them top souvenirs from Slovenia. The Honeybread lady came with all the materials and utensils. Everything was ready in a few minutes and the guests were free to come to work and make their own souvenir. The activity was a great success, because the guests found different reasons for making the souvenir, some made it for the children, others for the spouse, some designed their Christmas tree decorations, a future Valentine’s Day gift… everyone found something.
Future: The souvenir workshops can be organized to create a new souvenir specific to the region the group is visiting. We will always try to find the most innovative solution.

Souvenir Market Stands as Shopping Activity

Request: Please bring the shopping facilities closer to the guests.
During the events, delegates do not always have time to go last-minute souvenir shopping, although they may want to bring something home from their destination. This time we were asked to bring a shopping experience closer to the guests. And we succeeded. We ordered the traditional stalls that exist around the Slovenian open-air festivals and joined a network of local handicraft producers. The choice of the final offer was up to the customer, but we provided them with enough resources to offer a consistent local selection. In Portoroz we set up the souvenir market in the most beautiful park, in front of the Old Palace Hotel. The guests had the opportunity to enjoy lunch, followed by free time to browse the market. Traditional souvenirs were available. Olive oil products form the oil, olives, flavoured olive oils; small artefacts form the olive tree with presentation and tasting on site. The other thematic stand related to the traditional production of salt for the region, with small packages of Fleur de Sal, cosmetic products, ceramics and some more flavoured salt for cooking. At the lavender stand, the famous fresh, purple lavender scent spread throughout the market. It is one of the most colourful stands at the fair.
Future: The market can again be adapted to specific needs. Some of the ideas for the Slovenian Coast Region market are for example the redesign of a wine, gin and tonic market. It should always represent Slovenian products and their traditions.

Streetgasm Tour Start Event from Portoroz

Request: We would like to make a great start to our tour?

As soon as you receive a request for a big launch, think immediately about how we should close the local road. And that was the case. The event was planned for 150 cars, which should start their big tour from Portoroz. The stay in Kempinski Palace Hotel, was the starting point for the event. It was obvious that the best starting point for the tour was right in front of the hotel. This was not an easy task as the road used for the big start was also the local main road connecting Portoroz and Piran. It took several months until we received the green light from the national and regional authorities to close one side of the road and use it for the start. The day of the event was mainly characterized by the entertainment around the cars, drivers and models. It was a start to remember.

Future: The client returned back to Portoroz in the following year, with a much smaller event, which did not make the start in Portoroz. 

Vintage Self-Drive Event for a Chartered Cruise

Request: We need to create a memorable experience for our guests, a group of 60 people

When we got to know that event needs to be organised for the whole ship, meaning all guests would participate to the event, we started to brain storm around the content. The main aim was to include sights and venues that were exclusive with surprise elements along the way. 

Starting point was just a minute drive away from the passenger pier in Piran. Guests were met by the vintage cars all lined up at the designated parking lot, waiting to be driven to the final destination. All cars were equipped with a road-book, which had detailed information’s of the selected road to the destinations. Guests grouped up and started their journey through Portoroz, Koper and the Karst region, all the way to Lipica. Once at destination, they had a special set up and tailor made program awaiting them and offering them a memorable experience. 

Future: The day activity which includes the vintage self drive, can start from any destination in Slovenia. The program is flexible and offers a great opportunity to experience something new but at the same time offers a way to explore the diversity of the landscapes at your own pace.