Barcolana, The Largest Sailing Regatta In The World

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Trieste Bay is the host of the Barcolana sailing regatta every year on the second Sunday in October. It is organised by the sailing club from Barcola and has been given the worldwide recognised name Barcolana. The 50th edition made headlines when it received the Guinness World record title as the largest sailing regatta in the world. In the year 2018 it hosted 2,689 boats and over 16,000 from professionals to non-professionals sailors. At the starting line, which historically stretches between the Miramare Castle and Barcola, the headquarters of the organising sailing club, the Barcolana was the largest sailing regatta in the world. For the Northern Adriatic Bay region, the event welcomes travellers and guests from all over the world; the number of visitors is estimated at 300,000. The city of Trieste will host the sailing boats and the related events throughout the week, while the city of Portoroz in Slovenia will be an excellent gateway for visiting the event on Sunday.

MICE Slovenia Program

For hosting an event for a club chapter, a company or other organisations, Barcolana’s character provides a vivid background. The program can be tailored entirely to the sailing theme. The group can stay in one of the hotels in Portoroz, where a yacht ball with the corresponding gala dinner can be organised, all under the sign of a sailing yacht and the captains.


Programs for Group Travel and Leisure Travel

On board a panoramic ship you can witness and personally follow the sailing regatta. Sailing from Porotroz, you will reach the bay where you can experience the real action first hand. On board, we can arrange lunch, coffee breaks and other desired services at any time.


Independent Traveller Slovenia

Rent a sailboat and take part in the regatta from the sea. You can easily sail along the regatta and watch the action. If you want to spend the day on land, jump to Trieste and you can take a walk through the city, which for one day becomes the sailing capital of the world. The best places to watch the regatta are from the top of the Italian Karst area.

Luxury Travel Slovenia

In case of a planned visit we will either attend the regatta with a private yacht, which you rent for a day and spend with your friends, or we will try to board a professional sailing boat with your crew on one of the days before the event.

Whichever way you decide to visit the sailing regatta, rest assured that a fantastic view awaits you. Usually the real decoration of the event is the strong burja wind, which fills the sails with enough power to make them go faster to reach the first place.