Boat Sail Day Trip Along Slovenia Coast

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Did you wonder how the towns and cities along Slovenian coast were reachable back in time. Koper was an island and therefore accessible only by one bridge that at a later stage connected it with the mainland, Izola as its name means island and was accessible by the sea and finally Piran which was the one that could be reached buy land bit most convenient was to sail directly into the harbor. All three towns based their economy on sea related activities. What is unique in all of it, the fact that still nowadays you can enjoy a sail into each one of them?


Vintage Bot Tours Piran

Enjoy a sail into the heart of each Slovenian seaside town with a panoramic sail on board a vintage boat. Set sail from Piran, turn at the punta and sail along the moonlight bay all the way to Izola. Meanwhile you can also stop for a swim or enjoy a drink with your party.

The day tour with the boat is perfect for families and the preferred bunch of friends who are looking to spend the day exploring the Slovenian sea. You can also experience a dolphin watch activity, but only if lucky you will spot a few.

The boat is a nice fit for bachelorette parties, birthday gateways and family reunions.

Sailing experience in the Bay

If looking to learn the basics of sailing, we can match tour request with a skipper who will make you learn the basics while you spend the day sailing at sea. It can be organized also with professional sport boats that are used in real sailing regattas around the world. Sailing activities are mostly organized in Izola, home to the Slovenian Olympic medallist. A day learning the basics is a perfect activity for families that want to spend some active time on the sea.

Family Fishing Day

Our offer includes also smaller experiences that highlight the sport fishing activity, where the host explains about the local sea environment and makes you learn how to wait. Enjoy a day out fishing, which can be topped with a nice seafood lunch aboard the boat. The activity is perfect for independent travellers that would like to experience a day fishing at sea.

Yacht Rental

Yachts and speed boats are also a choice for a more luxurious experience of the beautiful Adriatic sea. A swimming break is the perfect choice for a relaxing day soaking up the sun.

Slovenian Coast is a perfect gateway for exploring the sea and spends your day with the experience of choice. Learning the basics of sailing, fishing or just relaxing can be one of the choices for a day at sea in the summer months.