Remembering a Great Vacation With an Optimal Tour Dispatch

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Nowadays a nostalgic feeling passes very easily. The holiday season is not what it used to be and we all look forward to seeing what a holiday in the new normal era will look like. Last year, 2019, leisure tourism flourished, but the 2020 season was the one that would bring unprecedented success. Unfortunately, we all know that reality has taken a sharp turn and has made us all wonder what the future will look like.

If we remember last year, a Mediterranean cruise was a very popular choice for a holiday and we joined the majority for a safe holiday choice. After calling at popular ports between Civitavecchia and Venice, such as Dubrovnik, Valetta, Messina and the island of Kefalonia, we also called at our home port, Koper Slovenia. It was very satisfying to see how our team carried out a perfect clearance. The buses lined up 45 minutes before departure, which means they were parked before the ship docked. A daily briefing was done with the tour guides and drivers to make a final assessment. The day was perfect for a tour, the great weather and normal traffic conditions made it possible that everything went according to plan. Most cruise guests enjoy the day in Koper, some take part in the shore excursions and others explore the city of Koper on their own. Koper Municipality has turned Koper into a worldwide cruise destination. It took a lot of planning and training of local stakeholders to achieve positive results. Since 2004 Koper has become more and more popular as a cruise destination in the Adriatic Sea. From modest beginnings, when the city was visited by 18 ships in 2005 with just over a thousand tourists and crew members, the number of passenger ships has increased over the years. Thus, in recent years the city has been receiving between 60 and 80 ships with about 100 thousand passengers a year, which can also be seen from the list of arrivals of passenger ships in 2020/2021. In the period from the maiden call until today, the city of Koper has invested in the local infrastructure with a clear vision of improving the general lifestyle of the locals and tourists. A large part has been invested in the modernization of the infrastructure of the city centre, with the addition of a pedestrian zone, an elevator that can be used free of charge, and an information desk on the pier that provides free maps and information to visitors.

A total cruise product is a very sophisticated system that requires the best possible support and commitment from all involved to make it look smooth, effortless, solid and powerful in the eyes of everyone.