Boutique is The New Force for Post – Crisis Travel

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post covid travel slovenia
As Skift noted in an April article, travellers want to move away from mega-resort destinations and towards small resorts, towards an individual lifestyle and eco-friendly hotels, and towards travel with a deeper and more emotional meaning. This means that boutique countries have more opportunities than ever before to be part of this new age carousel and to shift travel after the crisis.

As few representatives of the tourism industry explained in the article, people will love to go out into nature and connect with the destination on different levels. They are beginning to appreciate rural areas and local small businesses and services. Health concerns will become more and more important, so it is very important to get closer to the preferences of the guests and to have an understanding of the need to change the way of thinking and therefore the services themselves.

Fortunately, Slovenia is a boutique destination that can meet all the needs of travellers on the market. Slovenia offers more than 60% green spaces, which is a good example of the variety of outdoor activities. In the Alpine region, in the eastern part of Slovenia and even on the Slovenian coast there are many cycling and hiking trails, teambuilding activities, visits to local communities or the discovery of non-tourist places.

There are many small accommodations in perfect green surroundings, surrounded by great outdoor places for dinner or lunch. These include visits to farms, wineries and other farms where experience goes hand in hand with tasting. It also improves health and safety awareness, as cosiness and welcoming surroundings are something that travellers will appreciate even more in the future.

Incentive programs in Slovenia can be tailored following the new standards as an answer towards the new requirements that will arise following the Covid-19 period. The itineraries will be carefully planned to include special venues and destinations where social distancing is possible and will follow all the guidelines needed to deliver a successful experience.
post covid travel slovenia