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Ocizla is a small village in the Municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina in the Littoral region of Slovenia, near the border with Italy. The local church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene and belongs to the Parish of Klanec. The Italian writer Scipio Slataper wrote his masterpiece Il mio Carso in Ocizla. Follow the TIGR forest trail for a sensorial experience of the pristine nature.

Visit Mima’s place in order to feel the Slovenian hospitality and indulge in some local delicacies from the region, during an interactive workshop. 

The host Family will welcome you with the simplicity and authenticity.


“Tasty food, set inside our great grand mother Mima's house.”

Mima is known for her family recipes that she transmits to the younger generations in the family. Preserving the authentic way of cooking and making pasta or gnocchi is part of the family heritage.
Nona Mima

The itinerary of the experience:

Tigr memorial walking path

You will enjoy the unique natural and cultural sights in the geographical area of the Karst edge, which is a well-known and attractive crossroads of cultures, natural attractions and delicious culinary offerings. Your experience will begin with an active exploration of the sunny, karst village of Ocizla and continue with a memorial, lesser-known TIGR Trail circular route. 

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seasonal culinary experiences

The second part of the visit contains a culinary experience of a traditional Karst figure Osmica. Osmica’s, traditionally represent the sale of wine and other produce at home, which once could last only eight days a year. We will taste typical dried meat products such as salami, prosciutto, bacon, sausage, hard-boiled egg and pickled vegetables. The additional treat is the fresh home baked bread, made by great grandmother. 

Family Owned organic Winery

“Naše Vino” – “Our wine” 

This is followed by a tasting of home-grown, locally produced wine by the in-house winemaker at various locations of the estate, where the winegrower acquaints the guests with the production of a precious drop.

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Perfectly suitable for keeping up with intragenerational connection between grand parents and their grand children trough active involved day at your second home.

We continue the experience with activities on the homestead, followed by a demonstration of the preparation of Nona’s dishes such as gnocchi, pasta, pickling vegetables, salsa, etc. The event is adjusted according to the time of the visit, as the offer is tied to seasonality.

Our Home Dishes Collection

The best way to experience our family hospitality and wide collection of traditional slovenian dishes is to visit our home. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate.

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