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Our knowledge in the hospitality industry has been achieved through passionate work and dedication to its customers’ satisfaction.
Atlas Express is the Shorex agent with tradition, monitoring its existing and new products with the most accurate eye to continue developing experiences that enrich the satisfaction of its guests.
With the right imagination, expertise and local contacts we plan and conduct unique and exclusive programmes for meetings, incentives, conventions and special interest tours.
Our team, composed of professionals, is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that contribute to the achievement of our clients’ objectives.
Adapting trips for individuals and small groups who want to choose their destinations and plan their own itineraries is one of the areas where the local knowledge of the destination can be used to create a unique plan and deliver the final experience.
We provide you with a tour or a tour selection that will appeal to your customers. We can create and manage all types of group holiday packages – from escorted tours to coach tours and weekend trips.
Our luxury travel team is passionate, efficient and specialized in providing tailor-made itineraries for discerning travelers throughout Slovenia. We can create and provides luxury tours and deluxe VIP packages.