Аренда велосипедов

Прокат велосипедов в Портороже-это лучший способ познакомиться со словенским побережьем.

Rent-a-bike in Portorož or Piran Slovenia
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Порторож Прокат Велосипедов

Прокат велосипедов в Портороже-это лучший способ познакомиться со словенским побережьем. Atlas Express-самый старый и самый большой прокат велосипедов в городе. У нас есть более 30 велосипедов, доступных на территории отеля. Если вы хотите заказать сразу несколько велосипедов, пожалуйста, сделайте заказ заранее, чтобы мы могли подготовить их соответствующим образом.

Езжайте как местный житель и следуйте по многим велосипедным дорожкам в этом районе. Вы можете выбрать между тропой Паренцана, тропой в загородную местность Истрии или живописной и легкой поездкой в Пиран или соляные поля Сековле.

Зачем брать напрокат велосипед в Портороже?

Езда на велосипеде — лучший способ открыть для себя города на побережье. До Пирана легче добраться на велосипеде, чем на машине, Изола скрывает прекрасные панорамные виды на его окраинах, а Копер расположен на берегу моря, что делает приятной велосипедную прогулку до центра города.

Прейскурант проката велосипедов:

Аренда на 2 часа – 10,00 евро
Аренда на 4 часа – 12,00 евро
Аренда на 6 часов – 15,00 евро
Аренда на 12 часов – 22,00 евро
Аренда на 24 часа – 27,00 евро

Офис Portoroz

Obala 55, 6320 Portoroz, Slovenia (open daily from 09:00 – 16:00)

Офис Izola

Industrijska 6, 6310 Izola, Slovenia (open only for pre-arranged pick-ups only)

Suggested itineraries

Discover Piran

The bicycle tour to Piran is suitable for the 2-hour rental. You can cycle to Tartini Square, visit some of the sights of the town and return to Portoroz.

Discover the salt fields of Secovlje

It includes an easy bike ride to Regional Park Secovlje, which is mostly flat and runs along the sea. Enjoy a picturesque bike ride along the bay of Piran.

Visit Izola

For a 4 hour rental you can easily explore the city of Izola. Take a bike ride on the Parenzana trail, which takes you to the cosy town of Izola. Enjoy a visit through the rich historical city with a lively atmosphere before returning to Portoroz.

Visit Koper

For 4 or 6 hours bicycle rental you can explore the city of Koper. The last part of the way towards the town is along the sea. Enjoy the bike tour to the biggest city on the Slovenian Coast.

Explore the Regional Park one of Strunjan

You can cycle to Strunjan by following the Parenzana path through the Valeta tunnel. The tour can be rented for either 2 or 4 hours, depending on how you want to spend your time in Strunjan. You can take a walk by the sea, swim, explore the hills of the park or just relax before returning to Portoroz.


How do I confirm the bike rental?

We strongly recommend to book in advance via our online web page and its reservation system. You will be asked to pay in advance and pick up the location of the rental. We will prepare your bikes for the selected time on your booking ticket. The bikes will be ready for you at our offices. The waiting time will be of 15 minutes before returning the bikes into the market.

Do I need a reservation and a booking confirmation?

Yes please, we can organize ourselves better and you are sure that the bikes will be ready waiting for you.

Can I come to the bike rental shop for random renting?

Yes you can, but the availability of the bikes will be subject to the current availability.

Do you rent if it rains?

Yes we can rent you the bike, but please be dressed accordingly. The biking is at your own responsibility.

What do I need to rent a bicycle?

You will need the following:

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, except American Express.

Do you have small bikes and children bikes for the bike tours?

No currently we do not offer children bikes. If an underage (at least 18 years old) child is going to bike, we need the parents’ consent for the rental. The bikes are of different adult sizes. . The biking is at your own responsibility.

Where can we pick up the bikes?

You need to choose your location of pick up by the booking:

Do you have tandem bikes or chariots for rent?

No we do not have tandem bikes or chariots.

What is the bike delivery cost?

Bike delivery costs are applied for groups only, if they request the bikes to be delivered on a specific hotel address on the Slovenian Coast.

Have you got children or baby seats on the rental bikes?

We do have 1 child seat, please book it in advance, otherwise is not available.

What happens in case of flat tyre?

In case you get a flat tyre, you will be given our contact for the emergency assistance. You call us and we will come your way in order to change the bike.

What If I delay my bike return?

In case you are late, upon return you will be asked to pay for the difference according to our price list.

What kinds of bicycles do you rent?

Our bicycles are all form the same producer, we have two models, male and female of different sizes. If available you can test different bicycles before deciding for the final one. In case there is a limited selection of bikes you can choose just between the available once.

Do I get a biking map?

Our team provides you with a map of the local destination and provides the information of the biking routes in the area.

Can I rent a helmet too?

Yes, we do provide the helmets. However in the time of Covid-19, if possible please bring your own gear. Otherwise we will sanitize the helmets prior your use.

Are the bikes sanitized?

Yes we do clean and sanitize the bikes prior each use.

Where can I park when renting a bike?

The parking areas differ from the rental location:

How do I lock the bikes?

We provide a locker for the time of the rental, one locker for 2 bikes.

How do we communicate?

In our offices you are able to join the wi-fi networks. We can connect into via WhatsApp or Viber if necessary.