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Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery Adriatic Sea as you explore Slovenian Coast. The region is known for its Mediterranean Climate rich landscape of olive groves, vineyards and truffles. The heart-warming welcome of its people, the delicious cuisine, the entertaining activities and the many different local delicacies make this destination worth a visit.

Originally the acronym “FIT” stood for “independent foreign tour”. The definitions we have found in the past all have one key word and one concept in common: independent. These travelers almost always design their own itineraries and make their own travel plans. Our planners can help with the planning by providing insights into the unseen places and experiences, such as exploring and enjoying the local cuisine, architecture, history and culture.

Adapting trips for individuals and small groups who want to choose their destinations and plan their own itineraries are one of the areas where the local knowledge of the destination can be used to create a unique plan and deliver the final experience.

FIT Services

The FIT travel specialist tour operator will help you plan individual tours with a private guide, arrange a private cooking class or wine tasting tour, and even provide you with knowledgeable local representatives. The agent will help you to plan a personal travel experience based on the information you provide.
If you wish, an agent can often arrange for someone to pick you up at your destination and take you to your hotel. Travel professionals are particularly helpful in finding non-traditional or remote accommodations that are not advertised on the Internet, such as villas, farms, inns and family-run bed and breakfasts.

Independent Travel Package Types

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2. Type: Independent Slovenian and Regional Packages with Private Transportation

Destination Ideas

Slovenian Coast

Come to the Slovenian Coast and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze. You can simply relax, enjoy the days along the bay or spend the time actively. Portorož is a seaside resort known for accommodation with professional conference centres and a lively range of activities. You can explore the coast by high-speed boats, sailboats or take a ride in a vintage van.
You can get to know the Piran sea bass, taste the Piran Fleur de Sel and the local wine, but for the real gourmets a truffle hunt is a must, where you will learn how to do it. Portorož and Piran offer many possibilities, and our knowledge brings all this together. Come, visit and taste the Slovenian coast.

Lake Bled

Nestled between the mountain peaks, Lake Bled has its magical aura. Perfectly situated in the middle of the lake, it offers the opportunity to enjoy one of the most scenic sails in the world. Known also for its mighty castle, it Lake Bled is a perfect destination to be discovered from the port of Koper or to enjoy a well-designed incentive.
The offer is huge and various theme routes can be taken during the stay in Lake Bled.


Our capital, known for its name which means “the beloved”, is the princess among many smaller cities. The lively urban atmosphere along the riverbanks creates the atmosphere of a small urban metropolis. Its compact size and proximity to Slovenia’s main attractions makes it a perfect destination for a City Break. Larger events in Slovenia all take place in Ljubljana and offer the perfect solution for international business trips.

Alpine Slovenia - Alps, Lakes and Valleys

Slovenia Alpine region is known for its beautiful landscape and a variety of accommodations. Lately a lot of new glamping resorts are opening and traditional hotels getting refurbishments, the variations offer a divers choice of vacation style. Julian Alps are perfect for summer trekking, hiking and biking trips as in winter they become the central stage of sport competitions. Winter time offers ski holidays, relaxing thermal spa time or an active participation by different events from world class ski jumping events, to giant slalom competitions. 

Valleys and Lakes offer in every season a different point of view, so each destination is specific and intriguing for itself.

Caves, Horses and Castles Region, Slovenia

Slovenia is known for a vivid underground landscape that impresses also the most well travelled guest. The Karst region is known for many caves that are open to tourism. One of the most recognised worldwide are the Postojna Cave and Skocjan Caves. Vast green meadows are home place of the white horses at the Lipica estate. Enjoy your travel around many small villages, vineyards and natural sights that make this region picturesque and attractive.

Thermal SPA Region, Slovenia

Thermal Pannonian Slovenia is an area with healing waters and the most beautiful paths to well-being. Numerous Slovenian Natural spas are strung between sunny hills with vineyards. Authentic and hearty local cuisine is offered by inviting farms. Imagination is stimulated by experiences in castles and stories of one of the most powerful noble families in Europe.

During your stay in Slovenia, a few days in a holiday SPA resort are on your list. You can either enjoy the peaceful ambience or immerse your mind and body in various treatments offered in professional resorts, giving you the opportunity to relax after an intense journey.

Wine & Culinary Regions, Slovenia

In 2020 Slovenia was recognized as a gastronomic destination by the most renowned culinary critics. With the awards of the Michelin Stars, it made a giant leap into the global culinary scene. Your trips through Slovenia can be organized to follow the gastronomic regions. The diversity of the landscape has also influenced the country’s culinary diversity, which contributes to a fulfilling visit.

Rovinj, Pula, Porec & Istra, Croatia

Croatian Istria, has a selection of picturesque villages and cities along the Adriatic Sea. Porec is seaside resort and final destination for the popular biking path Parenzana, named after Porec itself. Rovinj is an artsy town, known for many small galleries spread around its narrow streets before reaching the mighty St. Euphemia Cathedral overlooking the sea. Pula hosts the beautiful roman amphitheatre home to a rich summer festival program every year. Enjoying the region of Istria combines historical sights, local food and wine and some of the nicest beaches on the northern Adriatic Coast.

Trieste, Aquilea & Venice, Italy

Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, is bordering most of the Italian – Slovenain national border. It is easy accesable from Slovenia and sometimes used as a hub with the airports in Trieste and Venice. Trieste is known for its austro hungarian design and being still nowadays the capital of coffee. Many interesting sights are to be find in Trieste itself, such as a Miramare Castle. Next is Aquileia, an important city of the Roman Empire and then the main centre for the diffusion of Christianity in Northern and Eastern Europe, represents an extraordinary opportunity to broaden knowledge, offering an unforgettable visiting experience. Venice is a nice addition to the Slovenian itinerary, which can be easily combined and reached before or after the visit.



The Slovenian destination and local experiences can be easily reached and booked during your stay in Portoroz. Our partner site offers a wide range of day tours in the region.
You can book a private dinner at a family winery, sail for a day Piran Bay on a private yacht or simply enjoy a day trip to another Slovenian destination.

Because we work hand in hand with the local community, we are able to offer comprehensive support and detailed knowledge of the destination. The day tour options may be suitable for a group of friends, family holidays, small groups and other travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the local destination. The Slovenian coast is known for a seasonal tour offer, but while you can enjoy most activities from spring to autumn, we can also adapt the tours during the winter season. Search for the best offer and we will deliver it to you.

You can book directly or contact us to customize your travel experience. Our team can work on your daily route and help you book the unique experiences in the region.


If you are planning to visit Slovenia and require airport transfers, we can offer you a tailor-made service with standard, business and luxury private transportation. Whether it is a private transfer for one person or a couple, or a request for a small group, we can book a reliable and safe service.
For special requests we prefer to contact us directly so we can assist with all the details and provide you a carefree service.

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Slovenia is beautiful and waiting to be explored, but you can search for many different types of accommodation, either in Portoroz or its region, or in the Slovenian Alps countryside. With a glance at the wide range of accommodation on offer, you can easily plan your stay. For recommendations on the best option, you can read the reviews of many other travellers and decide which category you will feel most comfortable in.



Easy and safe to drive, many travellers have the possibility to rent a car, you can choose your rental car by clicking on the link below. And follow some of the sample itineraries we suggest in our chapter on leisure travel programmes.

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