Slovenia Shore Excursions for Cruise Lines

Atlas Express is the Shorex agent in Slovenia with tradition, monitoring its existing and new products with the most accurate eye to continue developing experiences that enrich the satisfaction of its guests.

Atlas Express was the first Shore Excursion and today’s leading agent in Slovenia, providing its land-based services from the first call at the port of Koper to the present day.

We started our activity as Shorex agent for the first time in 2005 when we offered our services for the first cruise ship (“MS Minerva own by Swan Hellenic Cruises”) in the port of Koper. From that moment on we have continued to develop products that interact with the local destination, the local community and the region.

The local presence makes our products come alive. We know every secret that is hidden in the destinations and we bring it closer to our guests. Our mission is to provide guests with active interaction at all levels of the destination and to remember their experiences with all their senses.

Shore Excursion Services

Our offer of shore excursions reflects the local heritage and natural diversity of Slovenia. Personal exploration of unknown destinations, new services and offers on the market are part of our creative process in the search for the new product.
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Cruise destinations of Koper and Piran offer a wide range of possible tour destinations to be explored during the port of call. Slovenia’s logistical infrastructure offers the possibility for tours to mostly operate within a half day period and visit destinations on the Slovenian Coast, Kras region with the worldwide famous Postojna Cave and Unesco site of Skocjan Caves, Ljubljana the Slovenian Capital.

In a full day tour program, the destinations can be combined or offered as a single choice.

Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Soca Valley are some tour destinations that offer a gateway to the Julian Alps while cruising by the Adriatic Coastline.

Koper Shore Excursion Tour Portfolio

In recent years Atlas Express he has made a name for itself as a successful Slovenia shore excursion organiser which develops and supports tours. The main objective is to promote local communities and to introduce tourism with responsibility and sustainability to both the providers and the guests. By working closely together, we offer our visitors the ultimate experience.

Slovenia offers many opportunities to explore its main cultural and natural heritage sites, which are easily accessible from the Slovenian cruise ports. Our tour portfolio offers something for everyone:

Each of Slovenia’s historic cities offers a deeper insight into its past. The Adriatic town of Piran, one of the three oldest towns in Slovenia, shares a deep connection with the Venetian heritage. Its character is reflected in its architecture and a recognizable Mediterranean lifestyle. Lake Bled On the other hand, it is the most famous tourist destination in Slovenia worldwide. Its enchanting alpine landscape and Bled Island fairy tales fascinate every visitor. There are many other destinations easily accessible from the port of Koper or Piran, and with their rich heritage they are perfect for a perfect shore excursion.

Slovenian Capital Ljubljana City is a pleasant Central European town. Its compact city center offers the opportunity to visit its historical monuments, such as the Ljubljana Castle one overlooking the city from the top of the hill, or to enjoy your free time walking along the lively Ljubljana riverbank.

It is well known that Slovenians love outdoor activities. There are many ways to spend a day in nature. The Soca Valley place is known as a white-water rafting destination, for example.The emerald green river is beautiful in itself. Cycling tours along the Slovenian riviera are also a must when visiting Koper or Piran. There are also many hiking trails in the national and regional parks.

In 2020, when the first stars in the first edition of Michelin Guide, Slovenia were awarded to Slovenian restaurants, Slovenia parachuted into the trendy culinary landscape of the world. The work behind this success is due to hard-working families and the love of local products. Many small wineries,restaurants, fishermen and beekeepers work hard to preserve and offer the most authentic culinary experience. The combinations for a foodie tour in Slovenia are immense. We have narrowed them down to a selection that is suitable for cruise ships and offers a high quality selection.

As the travel trend is towards small group travel and boutique destinations, Slovenia seems to be the perfect destination. In all its small size, Slovenia offers experiences that include private visits,family style lunches, participation in a family activity and visits to special places where local crafts are displayed at their best.

Even for the most active traveler there is the possibility to discover something new. In Slovenia, many trips of this kind primarily take you through a natural landscape. An individually tailored cave trekking or a private picnic in nature is just a few ideas that could be the beginning of an individual planning.

The landscape, climate and lifestyle in Slovenia together offer a state of peace and relaxation. Recently we have included some of the well-known SPA destinies in our travel program. Slovenia is famous for its medicinal water and offers many wellness ideas for a relaxing stay. Peace of mind is easily accessible, Slovenian Coast where the benefits of the sea, salt and sun have a positive effect on visitors.

Tailor-made private tours with an itinerary tailored to each request offer the opportunity to explore Slovenia at your own pace. Whether it is meeting family or friends, searching for ancestors or exploring a particular destination, everything can be combined with the right planning before arrival.

Every year we update our travel proposal and refresh the programs to meet new global requirements and to promote our local regional environment. Our customers are always looking for something new and different, and we are proud to deliver innovative products to the northernmost Mediterranean region accessible by cruise ships every year.

Slovenia Group Half Day and Full Day Excursions and Experiences

Some of the shore excursions are an indispensable part of the overall experience when visiting Slovenia. The programs are divided into full-day or half-day excursion programs and always try to include the main highlights. Some of the tours have a simple name:

The inclusion of “must see sites” in the tour program enriches the customer experience and provides
overall positive customer feedback for the cruise company, the port and the country they are visiting.

While the guests sometimes cannot decide for the best option, you can always relay we can make an overall selection of tours within the given budget and time frame, that will bring results and satisfied

Feedback From Clients

"The city was absolutely stunning, the river cruise was lovely, the lunch was fantastic and really enjoyed all the historical information provided by Janez."
Best of Ljubljana
"The whole experience it was an adventure, also drinking water from the source and talking to our tour guide."
White Water Rafting
"The charm of the city and the beauty. Our guide was pleasant to listen to and very friendly with great sense of humour."
Ljubljana Walking Tour
"All of it. The cave tour, listening to Igor, talk, drive through the green, beautiful countryside"
Postojna Cave
"Lake Bled for scenery with pletna boat ride. Ljubljana was impressive. Our guide was excellent and the whole day, we were well informed."
Lake Bled
"Janez is an excellent tour guide. Very knowledgeable about many aspects of Slovenia. Friendly, encouraged questions. A wonderful day."
Best of Slovenia
"Excellent tour, very informative and excellent tour guide. All well done and well planned."
Lipizzaner Horses
"Mateja made our tour fun, she is knowledgeable, kind and helpful. She is very proud of her country and history. Loved it."
Scenic Slovenian Coast & Farmer’s Market

Popular Destinations & Attractions in Slovenia

Koper Private Excursions and Experiences

Either planned in advance or at short notice, our team can fulfill even the most demanding private wishes. The services are provided by professional licensed guiding and transport services, with the emphasis on providing the highest level of service to the expectations of the client.
Itineraries are usually determined in advance, with careful planning for the final delivery of the tailor-made request to the client.
Our portfolio includes special experiences tailored to the customer, which we can incorporate:

The yacht is carefully selected with detailed planning, checking not only the yacht but also the crew and services on board. The services can be handpicked from a list of additions to the rental.
Flying out forms Portoroz Airport is only the beginning. Your journey will take you all the way to the Alps, where you can admire the Slovenian landscape as you fly over it. During the day’s experience, several stopovers can be arranged, one in Lake Bled Ljubljana, the second in Ljubljana and the last on a private estate where you will be treated to culinary delights.
Look for a behind-the-scenes visit, choose your venue, and our staff will help you arrange your visit and create an unforgettable experience for your private party.
Tailor had experiences that included meeting the locals and were part of their everyday life. The activities are varied; some of them include cooking classes, harvesting activities, gourmet tours…
Enjoy a day when you can discover the Slovenian golf courses with the comfort of a well planned daily route.
Private group tours offer the possibility to create a tailor-made itinerary that meets the needs of the group. Combinations of different tours or desired details are carefully integrated into the full-day group tour. Each request brings a new opportunity for a new product.

Pre – Post River and Ocean Cruise Tours

Slovenia is a perfect gateway for tailor-made tours before and after the cruise. Our offer has been extended from the range of services we offer:
budapest vienna map
The programs are thematically different and offer specific experiences that allow a real immersion in Slovenian heritage.

Private Events for the Cruise Lines Guests

Atlas Express is a distinctive event management company that has created some of the most memorable events in the history of Koper. The world’s most famous event is the Azamazing Evening, which has been held in Tito Square in Koper since 2017 and has been awarded as the world’s best event for two years in a row. Our events offer views and trends from Slovenia.

Specialized programs for chartered cruises have been conducted in the past. The expansion of the offer is based on the overall planning, with several events taking place throughout the day. Some of the events included a special beach rental and tailor made set-up, a route for self-drive vintage cars, a private show by the Lipizzaner Horses and other tailor made products to suit the client’s needs.

Transportation and Guiding Services

Tour Transportation Services

Our preferred local suppliers meet all the necessary standards and licenses required by the Slovenian Government.

The transport companies are carefully selected with the aim of providing safe services to our customers. Our partnership with the largest transport company in the country has proven to be our advantage and provides a responsible and safe standard for all our services.
tour guide services slovenia

Guiding Service for Shore Excursions

The preferred leadership team is selected through a process in which we explore the local community and support the process of professional qualification with our knowledge. Selected Licensed guides team is made up of excellent professionals based in different cities in Slovenia and fluent in several different languages, with whom we are happy to arrange a private tour, conducted with passion and knowledge of the local environment.

Among our guiding team, some of them have been trained by our agency as independent tour guides. What they all have in common is starting out as group assistants and developing into tour guides.

Port Agent Services

In cooperation with the leading port agent in the North Adriatic, we are pleased to offer services in the ports of Koper and Piran. The account managers are very experienced, professional and trained in the international and national standards of port agencies. The aim is to provide a reliable service with a stress-free operation for both crew and passengers by handling all requests professionally.

The services offered are listed below:

Working With

To the present day Atlas Express has succeeded in providing best business solutions, delivering a full range services to its clients, with innovative ideas.

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