Guiding Service for Shore Excursions

Atlas Express is actively involved in the regional qualification process for the recruitment of new tour guides In cooperation with the, we Portoroz Tourist Board present a specific presentation every year. It is specifically dedicated to the management of day tours for various cruise lines. We cover guiding standards, the safety management system and customer service. The lecture is entitled: “One-day excursion management system for cruise ship passengers”.

Every year we also organize an internal workshop, which is attended by new team members and tour leaders who have been part of the team for several years. The workshop consists of four parts:

  • Introduction to new trends in the business and anticipation of new products for the season, meetings with new partners, guest speakers, sustainability aspects of the tour programs
  • Covering the basics and standards of travel management, taking into account accessibility of locations and new regulations by suppliers
  • Teambuilding activity
  • Visit of the destination and the venue, which is new in the tour programs

Creating an operational plan that stars days before the ship calls into the port, our tours can rely on the professionalism of the versatile guides, who can guide in different language and are knowledagble in micro-sites of the tour and are rarely surprised by anything.

Tour Guiding standards Atlas Express according to the definition of the European Federation of Tourist Guides:

  • The tourist guides undergo rigorous training to qualify as regulated by Slovenian law Regional and national licenses are available.
  • Tourist guides improve their training by attending Continuous Professional Development courses on a variety of new topics, markets and special trips.
  • Tourist guides have in-depth knowledge of their area and are trained in visitor safety and destination regulations. They are regularly updated on changes in access and regulations.
  • Tourist guides are ambassadors for their cities, regions and countries. They ensure that visitors feel welcome and interpret the local heritage.
  • Tourist guides help visitors to experience; understand and enjoy the places they visit.
  • Tourist guides offer their services in a variety of languages.
  • Tourist guides are flexible and willing to offer visitors a tailor-made experience. They can undertake any engagement, from a short visit to a museum or site to a guided tour lasting days or even weeks.

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