Slovenia Food Scene in the Travel Arrangements

Throughout the past years, we worked closely with professionals from the global culinary scene with the aim to develop experiences in Slovenia that can highlight the passion and love of local producers. We achieved that with a wonderful shore excursion tour in Koper that does connect different aspects of the Slovenian culinary heritage.


In January 2021 we read about one of our fellow suppliers to achieve the highest awards for his extra virgin olive oil. The trees are growing in the area in the hills above Izola where he carefully monitors and studies the production of the olive oil. The good news came from Paris, as the varietal olive oil of Vanja Dujc from Koper was declared the best extra virgin olive oil by Olio Nuovo Days. It is an award in which culinary chefs play an important role.


Our culinary tour for one of the global partners has been running for the past 7 years. Mr. Dujc is an active part as a guest lecture where he explains and enlightens the group with an in-depth explanation on his way of work. During the olive oil tasting class he personally explains in detail every olive oil he produces and why they are awarded. The guests are impressed about the flavour of the olive oils as well as his passion and knowledge about the production of the olive oil. Mr. Dujc is referred as the Olive oil Whisperer, Olive oil Guru and the Professor, all due to his in-depth knowledge on the matter. He is also holding the first ever award from the first World championship of olive oils in Shanghai 2010.

A day well planned out, with a visit to two acclaimed local producers, is an introduction to the gastronomy of Slovenia and its diversity within the regions. Partnering with local suppliers is one of the major missions we strive for when creating the programs for our partners and visitors. 

The local experience highlights the flavours that enrich the visit through a sensorial visit of the Adriatic coast in Slovenia. Our planning offers a combination of different producers that include wine makers, truffle hunters, aquaculture professionals and more local people that share their passion towards the local Slovenian food.