Shore Excursion Tour Portfolio

In recent years Atlas Express he has made a name for itself as a successful shore excursion organizer which develops and supports tours. The main objective is to promote local communities and to introduce tourism with responsibility and sustainability to both the providers and the guests. By working closely together, we offer our visitors the ultimate experience.

Slovenia offers many opportunities to explore its main cultural and natural heritage sites, which are easily accessible from the Slovenian cruise ports. Our tour portfolio offers something for everyone:

Each of Slovenia’s historic cities offers a deeper insight into its past. The Adriatic townof Piran, one of the three oldest towns in Slovenia, shares a deep connection with theVenetian heritage. Its character is reflected in its architecture and a recognizableMediterranean lifestyle. Lake Bled On the other hand, it is the most famous touristdestination in Slovenia worldwide. Its enchanting alpine landscape and Bled Islandfairy tales fascinate every visitor. There are many other destinations easily accessiblefrom the port of Koper or Piran, and with their rich heritage they are perfect for aperfect shore excursion.

Slovenian Capital Ljubljana City is a pleasant Central European town. Its compact city center offers theopportunity to visit its historical monuments, such as the Ljubljana Castle one overlooking the cityfrom the top of the hill, or to enjoy your free time walking along the lively Ljubljana riverbank.

It is well known that Slovenians love outdoor activities. There are many ways to spend a dayin nature. The Soca Valley place is known as a white-water rafting destination, for example.The emerald green river is beautiful in itself. Cycling tours along the river Slovenain Coast arealso a must when visiting Koper or Piran. There are also many hiking trails in the national andregional parks.

In 2020, when the first stars in the first edition of Michelin Guide, Sloveniawere awarded to Slovenianrestaurants, Slovenia parachuted into the trendy culinary landscape of the world. The work behind thissuccess is due to hard-working families and the love of local products. Many small wineries,restaurants, fishermen and beekeepers work hard to preserve and offer the most authentic culinaryexperience. The combinations for a foodie tour in Slovenia are immense. We have narrowed themdown to a selection that is suitable for cruise ships and offers a high quality selection.

As the travel trend is towards small group travel and boutique destinations, Slovenia seems to bethe perfect destination. In all its small size, Slovenia offers experiences thatinclude private visits,family style lunches, participation in a family activity and visits to special places where local craftsare displayed at their best..

Even forthe most active traveler there is the possibility to discover something new. In Slovenia, manytrips of this kind primarily take you through a natural landscape. An individually tailored cave trekkingor a private picnic in nature is just a few ideas thatcould be the beginning of an individual planning.

The landscape, climate and lifestyle in Slovenia together offer a state of peace and relaxation. Recentlywe have included some of the well-known SPA destinies inour travel program. Slovenia is famous forits medicinal water and offers many wellness ideas for a relaxing stay. Peace of mind is easilyaccessible, Slovenian Coast where the benefits of the sea, salt and sun have a positive effect on visitors.

Tailor-made private tours with an itinerary tailored to each request offer the opportunity to exploreSlovenia at your own pace. Whether it is meeting family or friends, searching for ancestors orexploringa particular destination, everything can be combined with the right planning before arrival.

Every year we update our travel proposal and refresh the programs to meet new global requirements and to promote our local regional environment. Our customers are always looking for something new and different, and we are proud to deliver innovative products to the northernmost Mediterranean region accessible by cruise ships every year.