Tour Transportation Services

The long-standing partnership with the most important transport company in Slovenia has enabled safe travel operations over the years. Through detailed cooperation and setting the highest standards we have achieved a professional approach to our services. From year to year we explore new possibilities and options to deliver the highest service value.

The transportation fleet is modern, safe and includes ecological buses that are constantly updated with vehicles that meet EURO ecological standards EURO 5 and 6. All vehicles are regularly serviced by their own commercial vehicle maintenance and repair service. The total capacity of the fleet is 700 buses and more, includes 1000 employees and has an average of 35 million kilometers per year.

The charter option offers from 19-seater mini buses to 63-seater buses. For passengers who want above-standard comfort, we recommend renting the luxury buses SETRA, IVECO MAN and MERCEDES BENZ.

The drivers are professionally trained and know their national and European destinations well. The transport is carried out in accordance with the applicable traffic, labor and tax laws, passengers and vehicles are insured.

Operating standards for Atlas Express shore excursions are:


  • Modernization of the fleet
  • Transport operators are invited to use the Safety Management system
  • Licensed drivers according to Slovenian law and regulations
  • Regular medical examinations for drivers
  • Technically flawless transport with up-to-date security controls
  • Immediate reaction time and securing of the vehicles during the operation
  • Valid insurance during the whole year


  • Optimized time of the guided tours
  • Before arrival at the port at least 30 minutes before departure of the tour
  • The routes and timetables are optimal
  • Compliance with the schedule and itinerary, no surprise stops during the tours
  • Drivers of sustainable mobility solutions offer reliable support on the road


  • A selection of coaches offers comfortable seats with possible inclination
  • Air-conditioned buses
  • Audio and video system, PA system
  • All busses are equipped with safety belts


  • Digitalization of customer service 24h our support and assistance
  • Always have the backup bus ready

Covid-19 Health and Safety Operation Standards


  • Passengers follow all general guidelines adopted at national level, such as hand hygiene, cough hygiene and other guidelines related to the Covid 19 epidemic
  • The passenger must not show any signs of Covid-19 infection
  • If necessary, the passenger must bring a certificate that he is not infected with Covid-19 (when crossing national borders)
  • The passenger must have a sufficient amount of personal protective equipment
  • The passenger who does not comply with the standards may be refused boarding


  • Before boarding the bus, the passenger waits at the boarding point with a mask on his face and keeps the prescribed distance from other passengers not from the same household
  • Procedures for luggage storage, boarding the bus, seating arrangements, behavior when boarding the bus and compulsory personal protective equipment
  • Luggage must be marked and loaded by the driver


  • Passengers disinfect their hands before boarding the bus
  • Passengers enter the back door with masks on their faces
  • Passengers take care not to touch the handrails, seats of other passengers and other surfaces in the bus


  • Passengers are obliged to sit in their seats and wear face masks during their entire stay in the bus
  • Passengers are not permitted to change seats during the journey, except by prior arrangement with the tour guide or tour operator, who must therefore order the disinfection of the immediate vicinity of the seats
  • The tour guide is obliged to wear a protective mask during the tour
  • Used protective equipment is collected separately from other waste


  • Passengers leave the bus at the back door and make sure that there is no unnecessary overcrowding
  • Passengers pick up their luggage and move away from the bus
  • During the visit of restaurant areas, passengers must always follow the instructions of the guide or tour leader: Wear a face mask inside and take care not to come into contact with other visitors to the Restoration Area
  • After each journey, the vehicle must be thoroughly ventilated

Disinfection of vehicles, during the period of Covid-19

Diogenerator – This device ensures safe disinfection of the vehicle and allows the disinfection of all surfaces and premises not covered by normal cleaning procedures. It prevents the transfer of micro-organisms from surface to surface and, thanks to the disinfectant, spreads in the form of gas throughout the entire room and penetrates even the most inaccessible areas. The device has a hygiene certificate that confirms perfect hygiene, protects against infection and provides reliable protection against bacteria.

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