Sustainable development

According to new trends in tourism business world and yearly more global travels, the sustainable development is the only right way to operate in touristic dynamic process. All involved in tourism business should improve their quality of life and acknowledge tourists and guests to protect environment and respect destination that they are visiting.
Atlas Express d.o.o., Portoroz wants to become a good example in our are of business and become leading in communication to all supplier partners and guests to enjoy their holidays and act sustainable. We are working to become an organization that is setting an example to our community and partners. Through internal management we would like to reduce our energy use and waste practices.

Through a written sustainable policy and action plan, we commit to develop new tourist products and packages that will be supported by basic sustainable pillars. Our Action plan is future oriented as we strive to comply the global sustainable standards.

Atlas Express d.o.o., Portoroz  received the Slovenia Green sign for Travel Agencies. Currently we are the only Travel Agency on the Slovenian Coast holding the sign. 

Through the written Green Policy of Slovenian Tourism, we commit to respect all 10 sustainable guidelines which aim towards a better future operation and improvement of services.

At Atlas Express we strive to provide opportunities to our partners and the causes we support. With that in mind, we decided to commit towards the organization Zveza prijateljev mladine (ZPMS) – Slovenian Association of friends of youth (SAFY).

The Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (SAFY) is a non-governmental, voluntary, humanitarian and non-profit organisation. The association was founded in 1953 and works in the fields of social care, education, and advocacy. We are the proud recipient of the Trusted Brand Award 2017 in the field of humanitarian organisations. SAFY unites 110 member organisations that implement our activities on a local level in line with our mission.

SAFY’s mission is to raise the quality of life for children, young people and families, to represent and promote their interests and needs, and to protect their rights. We take an active role in current social issues and contribute to the development of positive life values among children, young people, and families. Our work is based on the development of values of voluntary work and nurturing friendly interpersonal relations.

SAFY’s fundamental principles:

SAFY’s vision is to strengthen the voice of children and young people, and to contribute to the development of a supportive public opinion towards children, young people, and families. The SAFY is indispensable partner of the state in implementing systemic solutions for the benefit of children, young people, and families.

More than 70.000 children participate in our programmes each year.

If you have any question about our sustainability actions please let us know by submitting the e-mail: