Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Policy Document for Atlas Express d.o.o., Portoroz

Year: 2023


This document serves as the foundation for all sustainable actions undertaken by Atlas Express d.o.o., Portoroz. It also provides guidance for our partner suppliers and forms the basis for all collaborations and relationships with suppliers, local stakeholders, communities, guides, and tourists.

Mission Statement:

Atlas Express d.o.o., Portoroz aims to set a positive example in our industry and become a leader in communicating sustainability to our supplier partners and guests, enhancing their holiday experiences while promoting sustainable practices. We aspire to be an organization that leads by example within our community and among our partners. Through internal management, we seek to reduce our energy consumption and minimize waste.


Our vision is to offer more locally themed tours and excursions, encourage support for local crafts, and raise awareness among tourists about the importance of supporting local communities.


We are committed to maintaining an innovative, transparent, and continuously improving approach to organizing tours and excursions. Sustainability and collaboration with local stakeholders are key drivers of our efforts to enhance tourism and support the local economy, providing opportunities for local suppliers.

Key Focus Areas:

Given our involvement in local communities, we aim to address critical issues requiring development and action. One key area of focus is the improvement of guide services, as guides play a crucial role in educating tourists about their actions and their consequences.

Our Commitment:

This policy applies to all our tours and excursions. We expect all employees and supplier partners to fully embrace the objectives outlined in this policy. While we acknowledge limited influence over third parties, we will educate them about our policy and encourage alignment of their operating practices with our sustainability goals.


In line with our commitment, we pledge to:

  1. Minimize negative social and environmental impacts in the areas of waste and energy in our internal management and during tours and excursions.
  2. Ensure that our supplier partners adhere to responsible social and environmental practices.
  3. Continually educate and enhance the skills of our guides to effectively communicate responsible actions to tourists.
  4. Ensure that local representatives and guides, contracted by the company, are appropriately qualified.
  5. Prioritize the use of local suppliers and vendors, including local food and beverages in our operations.
  6. Collaborate innovatively with local stakeholders to promote responsible tourism that bolsters the local economy without causing degradation.
  7. Minimize any disturbances to natural ecosystems or exploitation of natural resources, in accordance with the law.
  8. Promote local procurement and support local vendors.
  9. Enhance the sustainability knowledge and practices of our employees.
  10. Avoid engagement with supplier partners involved in human rights violations or resource exploitation.
  11. Distribute action plans to all employees and encourage their diligent implementation.
  12. Report on our sustainability progress annually.
  13. Encourage our suppliers to review our sustainability report and align their actions accordingly.
  14. Ensure that all tour leaders, guides, local representatives, and other parties contracted by the company comply with all legal requirements.
  15. Guarantee that all employees, including contracted staff, enjoy a quality life, fair wages in accordance with legal requirements, and respect for human rights.
  16. Reduce the use of disposable goods, promote the use of emails instead of printing notes, advocate for reusable bottles over plastic ones, and implement waste reduction practices.
  17. Utilize locally produced food and beverages, giving preference to local suppliers who adhere to sustainable principles.
  18. Decrease energy waste, particularly in heating, air conditioning, and lighting, through responsible practices.
  19. Encourage the use of recyclable paper and minimize paper usage.
  20. Select transportation options for excursions and tours that minimize fuel emissions and promote fuel-efficient vehicles.
  21. Promote sustainable modes of transport, such as bicycles, to customers when applicable.
  22. Promote sustainable destinations and communicate sustainability options to customers.
  23. Communicate sustainability requirements to suppliers and providers during tours and excursions.
  24. Offer training materials to guides and local representatives to educate them about sustainable principles and objectives.


Review and Update:

This Sustainability Policy Document will be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure its continued relevance and alignment with our sustainability goals and evolving industry standards.

Please note that this updated policy is a comprehensive statement of your commitment to sustainability for the year 2023. You may want to incorporate this into your company’s official documentation and ensure that all employees and partners are aware of and adhere to these principles and objectives.

General Manager: Taja Maček