Truffle Hunt Experience in the heart of Slovenian Istria

In search for truffles

Demonstration of the Truffle Hunt

A unique experience in Slovenian Istria enables you to get to know the heritage and traditions of the area. The experience of showing truffle hunting is a unique opportunity to get to know this traditional craft in Istria.

Together with a truffle hunter and a loyal four-legged seeker, you will go to the preserved local forests, where you will learn about the ways of picking the forest fruits and the details about them.

After the activity, we like to include also a local tasting with a precious drop.

“Truffle hunting is a great local experience to get to learn about the local heritage”

We had a great day out exploring the countryside. The tasting that followed was the delicious and meeting the locals is also another addition to the program.
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The itinerary of the experience:

Slovenian Istra

Learn about the natural environment of Slovenian Istria, where in addition to the lush nature and the famous stone village hamlets accumulate valuable forest-based produce. Each village is an experience in itself, but if we include a demonstration of truffle hunting on, it is just an additional spice to your visit.


Truffles were known as early as around 1600 BC, by the Sumerians, Chinese, Babylonians and Egyptians, Greeks and ancient Romans. Throughout history, they have had different names. The Arabs called it ramek, tomer or kemas. The Greeks sail, the Romans first the tuber, then the truffle. The French truffle, the English truffle, and the Germans call it truffel. Whatever name they have, truffles have a rich history, especially among cuisine, culture and literature.


The display of truffle hunting can be an independent element within your organised trip. If not  we can connect it into a complete experience on the Slovenian Coast.

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Truffle Tasting

Getting to know different flavours is part of the experience on the Slovenian Coast and in Slovenian Istria. Truffles have become a constant in the cuisine over the past years and can be tasted in a variety of spreads, cheeses, pastas and much more. Of course, in Slovenian Istria there is also always a glass of good Malvasia or Refošk to go along.



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