Luxury travel & Deluxe VIP Service

Our luxury travel team is passionate, efficient and specialized in providing tailor-made itineraries for discerning travelers throughout Slovenia. We can create and provides luxury tours and deluxe VIP packages.
Our goal is to find special and authentic luxury accommodation in Slovenia and to find the best restaurants that are typical for Slovenia. Enjoy visiting Slovenia while travelling in style and enjoying the many exclusive sights.

Luxury Services

Whether for singles, couples or multi-generational family holidays, your travel specialist will suggest a variety of itineraries tailored to your needs; chauffeur-driven tours through the breathtaking Slovenian countryside, a private entrance to Slovenia’s largest cave, an overnight stay in little-known but spectacular private glamour and a tour of the house of the world-famous Slovenian winemakers.

Deluxe VIP Service

In Slovenia we can creates and provides luxury tours and deluxe VIP packages. For VIP unique experiences in gastronomy, culture and hospitality we can arrange for you:

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