Farmers Market at the Istrian Village on the Slovenian Coast


Visit authentic Istrian Farmer’s   Market

Get to know Slovenian Istria and taste the delicacies at the local market, organised just for you.

A snack accompanies each visit. And it is this authenticity of the home environment and the involvement of the local community in the program of discovering Slovenian Istria that is the added value. Meet the growers of olive oil, wine and other delicacies. The authenticity of the locals will acquaint you with the methods of cultivation and the history of the place.

“Local community, pristine environment, delicious.”

A visit to the village of Padna, we were impressed and enchanted by the local environment, where the locals told us anecdotes and introduced us to the local heritage.
visitor of padna village

The itinerary of the experience:

Idilyc Istrian Village

Padna is a clustered, tightly built village, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the nearby vineyards and the unique Piran Bay. In Padna, valuable olive oil was once grown, vines, fruit trees, early vegetables and various crops were grown, so the friendly locals still like to offer you some home-made delicacies.

seasonal culinary experiences

Get to know different types of olive oil, home-made liqueurs, jams … Of course, you can’t do without Istrian prosciutto, but everything is nicely complemented with a glass of wine.


Padna is known as a Village that cultivated the majority of the chard in the reagion and exported it to the nearby cities. Nowadays each year there is a chard and olive oil festival dedicated to the produce.



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