Incentive Sample Programs Slovenia

Slovenia Incentive Programs are built through complex process, where the local DMC needs to take in consideration the knowledge of the local areas, accommodation, event management and creative process of creating new products RfP. Creating a base of sample programs, that have run in the past and had a positive feedback is the starting point before we create for each request a wonderful new itinerary.

Select your starting point. Incentives groups fly into Slovenia International Airport, located in Ljubljana. From there the transfer to the major destinations is between 30 or 90 minutes. Selecting your destination gives us the opportunity to start planning the itinerary according to the destination where the group is based. multi destinations programs are available and can be coordinated accordingly. 


Slovenia Incentive Destinations

Ljubljana City is a destination for meetings, incentives and conferences. The destination holds several business hotels and large conference facilities to make the meeting organisation efficient. Its location is a perfect choice for a dynamic incentive program in Slovenia including some of the must see destinations.

Lake Bled is the alpine jewel, that is at the same time a great starting point to discover the Slovenian Alps. Incentives and meetings are welcome in one of the lakeside hotels, that hold tradition and breathtaking views over the lake. Kranjska Gora and Lake Bohinj are slovenian outdoor destinations for activities.

Portoroz and Piran are two destinations that go hand in hand when visiting Slovenian Coast. Incentive are a greta combination between the seaside leisure style and gastronomic activities. Hotel resorts offer superior five star quality with professional business center, wellness centers and delicious cusine.


Slovenian Coast a destination for Incentive Programs that include a combination between outdoor activities in the pristine local enviroment. The foodie backdrop is present and continues throughout the multi-day program. The priority of the incentive programs on the Slovenian Coast is to include the local heriatge of the area, with a dedicated program. 

Sample of some of the experiences we can include are: gala dinners at the historical buildings in Piran, a wonderful food and wine program look out for truffles, an active sailing match race at sea and some relax by the sea… 


The Alpine region has opportunities to create a program that suits different types of requests. The matter is that we like to look deeper into the offer before proposing a program that will be just up to the request. Combination of outdoor activities, business meeting and great local cuisine creates an overall experience that leaves most of the groups happy, enthusiastic and satisfied.

Sample of some activities we have done in the past: regatta competition at Lake Bled, outdoor activities day at Lake Bohinj in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, ski activities at Kranjska Gora, gala dinners at Bled Castle, Mt Vogel programs…


Slovenian Capital – Ljubljana City is a great gateway to explore Slovenia in a short city break. One day you dedicate the program to the City itself, the next once should include the exploration of the regions close by. The beauty of Ljubljana is its location, which offers you a complete different landscape within just a sixty minute drive form its center. 

Events in Ljubljana include: gala dinners at the Ljubljana Castle, creative exploration of the city, a fine dining experience in the Ljubljana Restaurants, scenic visit of the historical site and the vicinity of the other major destinations within Slovenia ..


Selected sample programs are a start when trying to plan a perfect incentive trip to Slovenia. We prefer to customise each request, however a few samples can help to shape the initial program and brief. Take a look at the bellow links, as we will be ready to assist as soon as possible with a tailor made program.

Slovenia is a diverse Incentive destination, that hides many secrets. Together we can make the journey through Slovenia a real experience.

Adriatic Slovenian Coast Incentive

3D/2N Itinerary

Slovenian Coast is a perfect MICE destination in Slovenia. With professionalism and tradition in the hospitality industry, the region is a suitable choice for a multi day corporate event in Slovenia. While exploring the major mediterranean sites, the guests get to know the local gastronomy. Portoroz and Piran are great destinations for a program that combines sea breeze, sun, sea and delicious gastronomy.

Destination: PORTOROZ

Best of Slovenia Incentive

3D/2N Itinerary

Slovenia is a country that is compact in size and therefore a great gateway to explore its diversity in a short period of time. While planning your next incentive trip in Slovenia you can easily include the major Slovenian landmarks in the incentive itinerary. 

The overall experience includes a blend of Slovenian gastronomy, natural sites and local heritage. Visit Slovenia for getting to know the country, that is known for its green, sustainable travel.

Slovenia Alps Incentive

3D/2N Itinerary

Exploring the natural landscape of Slovenia is an active way of visiting the country. As most Slovenian people are in love with outdoor activities, why not include some of them in the itinerary of an alpine themed incentive in Slovenia.

Exploring the unexplored and staying in luxury accommodations is one part of Slovenian diversity that creates unique experiences and new discoveries. The later is what is this program all about, new and undiscovered corners of Slovenia.

Slovenia Active Outdoor Incentive

3D/2N Itinerary3

Slovenia is a great outdoor destination. Offering a vast range of different landscape and activities it can create memorable itineraries for experiences that capture nature, activities and the feeling of discovery.

Slovenia and Venice Incentive

4D/3N Itinerary

Land in Venice and explore the Adriatic Jewel before a whole new experience in Slovenia. The two destinations combine the rich Venetian heritage historical and still nowadays actively seen in the Adriatic part of Slovenia. 

Portoroz Incentive Program

3D/2N Itinerary

A four day incentive and business meetings program in Portoroz is a wonderful opportunity to host meetings and combine some unique experiences in the region. The destination Portoroz and Piran offer a wide selection of venues, dining options and day activities, all relating to gastronomy, sea and great Slovenian hospitality.

We strive for authentic experiences that are culturally distinctive, interactively entertaining and exceptional for your incentive trips in Slovenia. Planning the Incentives programs with a professional Slovenia DMC helps you create memorable experiences with unique itineraries and custom made events.

Slovenia Incentive Programs vary in duration and themes, we try to fit the offer to the request and create itineraries that cover Slovenian highlights at its best.