Private Excursions and Experiences

Either planned in advance or at short notice, our team can fulfil even the most demanding private wishes. The services are provided by professional licensed guiding and transport services, with the emphasis on providing the highest level of service to the expectations of the client. Itineraries are usually determined in advance, with careful planning for the final delivery of the tailor-made request to the client.
Our portfolio includes special experiences tailored to the customer, which we can incorporate:
The yacht is carefully selected with detailed planning, checking not only the yacht but also the crew and services on board. The services can be handpicked from a list of additions to the rental.
Flying out forms Portoroz Airport is only the beginning. Your journey will take you all the way to the Alps, where you can admire the Slovenian landscape as you fly over it. During the day’s experience, several stopovers can be arranged, one in Lake Bled Ljubljana, the second in Ljubljana and the last on a private estate where you will be treated to culinary delights.
Look for a behind-the-scenes visit, choose your venue, and our staff will help you arrange your visit and create an unforgettable experience for your private party.
Tailor had experiences that included meeting the locals and were part of their everyday life. The activities are varied; some of them include cooking classes, harvesting activities, gourmet tours…
Enjoy a day when you can discover the Slovenian golf courses with the comfort of a well planned daily route.
Private group tours offer the possibility to create a tailor-made itinerary that meets the needs of the group. Combinations of different tours or desired details are carefully integrated into the full-day group tour. Each request brings a new opportunity for a new product.