Code of Conduct


The Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz Code of conduct is applicable to all managers and all employees and everyone who are operating under company name. Atlas Express d.o.o., will not tolerate any violation of the Code of conduct, as these will be disciplined result in accordingly actions.

Business conduct

Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz, shall respect the manners and customs of the countries in which it conducts its business with applicable law.

Tolerance and non-discrimination

Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz, demands tolerance and empathy from each staff member and everyone in communication. We are committed to respect and not discriminate anyone regarding their personal beliefs, looks or state of mind.

Data protection

Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz, shall respect and be responsible of data protection, which applies to data of all suppliers, customers and employees.


All employees are obliged to treat all business and entrusted information confidentially.


None of the employees may demand or accept from customers or suppliers, gifts or benefits that could influence their actions in company activity.


Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz, does not tolerate any type of corruption or bribery. There is transparency in our dealings with all customers and suppliers.

Fair competition

Employees must not enter into any price-fixing agreements, neither with competitors not customers. Nobody may take part in a business that is not completely documented.

Social and environmental responsibility

Atlas Express, d.o.o., Portoroz, is committed to respect social and environmental areas in the destinations operating. All actions will be carried out accordingly to the regulations.