Yacht Charter on the Slovenian Coast

Nothing can quite compare to the freedom and enjoyment of experiencing the region and its best kept secrets accessed from the water. The opportunities are endless: Slovenian Coast is tiny, but offers different landmarks, that can only be observed from the sea. Combined with different local unique experiences; such as private entrance to the Salt SPA, catered lunch onboard the yacht, a Slovenian wine selection and water sports, are just some of the options for the day.

Charter can be a grand adventure, an ideal way to spend a relaxing day at sea with your family and friends.

Offering complete privacy and control, you can plan your journey down to the very last detail, in the safe hands of our team with local, experienced, and dedicated professionals.  With a fleet of yachts listed, there is a wide range of options to choose from. 

Depending of the size of the party, we can propose several options which would fit the best for your day at sea. Contact us in order to find and offer the best day at sea in Slovenia. The private shore excursion experience in Piran or Koper will highlight the Slovenian Mediterranean coastline.