5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Slovenia

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During our presentations to clients about Slovenia, the most common question we receive is actually, why shall we travel to Slovenia? Totally understandable, as the country is still sometimes less known than we all expect. But that should not be the reason for not planning the visit to Slovenia in the near future. Due to its location and position in Europe, Slovenia is easily accessible from major European travel hubs. Ljubljana airport offers the possibility to easily include the things to see in Slovenia, as a starting point for your planned itinerary.

Explaining why visiting Slovenia is one of our major aim. Therefore we selected some of the most popular Slovenia features, which all together combine the best places and reasons to visit Slovenia. 

Diverse Landscape

 Like we love to define, Slovenia is a blend of natural and cultural diversity. The country is divided into four major regions, each one of them offering a customized travel experience. Lake Bled is the must-see sight alongside the Postojna Cave, where both are almost always on a Slovenia travel bucket list. Meanwhile if looking for more relaxing destinations, you cannot miss the Slovenian Coast with the ancient town of Piran and seaside resort of Portoroz or the Eastern part of Slovenian known for thermal spa areas.

Culinary Fusion

 As the landscape varies, so does the traditional food in Slovenia. The regions influenced gastronomy, so that each destination has its own specialty. Some of the worldwide most known Slovenian foods are the Lake Bled cream cake, the Potica nut cake, Štruklji and Kranjska sausage. In the past year, Slovenia received its first Michelin Guide, which acclaimed some of the known Slovenian chefs and their cuisine with its rewarding stars. 

Vast Range of Outdoor Activities

Moving out from the crowded cities, Slovenia offers lush green forests, emerald rivers and sunny sea, perfect to indulge in some of the open-air sports activities. The itinerary around Slovenia can include elements to visit each of the listed natural sights with an active outdoor activity. Slovenia has many hiking tours, biking roads and ski resorts spread around the country. It is also home to some of the world-known sportsman as: Luka Dončič, Tadej Pogačar, Primož Roglič, Ilka Štuhec, Tina Maze and many more, who are the best tourism ambassadors of Slovenia.

Local Experiences

Exploring the country may also include some of the selected Slovenia unique experiences, which highlight the local hospitality for which is Slovenia known for. Including a visit to private venues with tailor-made programs can vary from dedicated wine tasting experiences, hike in the woods, exploring the many caves in the Karst region and tasting some of the homemade delicacies. 

Green & Safe Slovenia

 Slovenia is promoting safe, sustainable and responsive tourism and implementing the standards within all major stakeholders in the hospitality industry. The aim is to promote sustainability in all aspects of the destination. therefore you can find tourism and travel services that are awarded with international certifications such as Travelife, and national as Slovenia Green Certification. 

Visiting Slovenia is perhaps in your future plans, but be assured, that these 5 facts are just a glimpse of what the country can offer you. There is much more to be discovered while visiting Slovenia.