Azamara Cruises Global Meet in Koper – Slovenia

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Koper was for one day the world’s centre of Azamara cruises deployment. All four ships from the fleet met up in Port of Koper for a global event that has united them all. Koper was chosen to be the host of the sisters’ meet due to its past performance and high rating in guest satisfaction. The port infrastructure and its main pier is suitable from the maritime perspective to host all 4 ships lined up a few steps away from each other.

The day was bright and shiny. In the morning all four vessels docked in the Port of Koper, one after another in one line, permitting the guests to walk all the way to the city centre within just a few minutes. The Municipality of Koper provided support with the informational booth at the pier, so the guests would have the chance to receive a free of charge map and ask for more information’s. On the same day, the City of Koper organised a show that was especially moved from the original dates in order to fit into the global event. Guests were invited to join the Farmer’s Days Festival that highlights the regional traditions throughout Slovenia. It was an unique opportunity to taste, feel and experience the local culture. The shore excursions took the guests all the way to the Alpine Slovenia with the most beautiful Lake Bled, to the Slovenian Capital of Ljubljana, marvellous Postojna Caves and the Adriatic pearl of Piran.

In partnership with the Port of Koper, Municipality of Koper and the Slovenian tourism Board we hosted a private event for the Executives and Media of Azamara cruises. The event took place in the historical building of the Pretorian Palace with the exchange of the plaques. The day was a historical milestone in Koper as the docking of four ships in one day was achieved for the first time in history.