Free Walking Tours of Slovenian Coast

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We are announcing our summer and autumn program of the free walking tours in the Slovenian Coastal Cities of Piran, Izola, Koper and Portorož. Guiding services are sponsored by the Slovenia Tourism Board, until the funds are used up, and are great value for any visitor in one of the cities on the Slovenian Coast.

Free Guided tours of Piran are taking place every Monday at 10:00h, with prior booking via our web page. The link can be found on the homepage. The guides explore the city and sometimes if a private interest to highlight specific features of the heritage or tradition is requested, we can adapt the tour to it. The walks around Piran usually highlight the history, the musical heritage of Giuseppe Tartini and the great importance the town of Piran had for the region.

piran tartini square sant george church

Free guided tours of Izola are mostly focused on the visit of the city centre that was based on an literal island. With a guide you can learn all the stories and legends of the city before walking all the way to the lighthouse. Guided tours are a wonderful way to explore the essence of the towns. The tours take place every Saturday at 14:00h, with advance booking.

Koper as the largest coastal city holds many interesting sights, rich historical presence and a lively environment nowadays makes it one of the cities worth the visit. The free guided tours take you through the streets explaining the history and enlighten what the transition of Koper from an industrial town to a rivera style destination. Free guided tours of Koper are scheduled every Saturday at 11:00h, with advance booking.

portoroz slovenia sea side resort beach

Portoroz is known as the seaside resort of Slovenia, which needs to provide its glory to the majestic Palace Hotel, which was the landmark of the destination. The free walking tour of Portoroz, will take you around the resort, exploring the historical buildings that were essential for the development of the seaside resort. The tour can be booked on Saturday at 17:00h, via our homepage.

Enjoy one of the described free walking tours and get to know the destination of Slovenian Coast at its best!


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