Exclusive Programs in Slovenia for a Unique Experience

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The trend is approaching to us to propose some unique experience for private journeys in Slovenia. Searching for experiences that go beyond the popular must see sights in Slovenia; therefore we always like to design bespoke itineraries for discovering Slovenia. There are a number of great sights, that connected together into a perfectly planned itinerary can fulfil you eager for an overall experience of Slovenia.

Food and Wine in Slovenia

Becoming the Gastronomic Region of Europe in 2021, Slovenia can highlight some of the most dedicated and sustainable approaches to modern cuisine. The journey exploring the country can be easily based on a food and wine trail, which will leave even the most demanding foodies speechless. Each gastronomic region of Slovenia hides at least one Michelin star along the way. Creating a journey following the stars and meeting the local food suppliers can enrich your experience, while tasting the diversity of the country also on the plate under the recipes of the most acclaimed Slovenian chefs.

Flights over Slovenia

As being compact as it is in size, Slovenia is as scenic as it can be from the air too. With a planned Helicopter flight over Slovenia, you can visit destinations that are far apart but suddenly become closer. Stopping here and there, the local experience can enhance your flight. We always like to propose a stop at Lake Bled for the classical visit of the Bled Island and Bled Castle, maybe enjoying lunch at the castle, before flying to Ljubljana or Postojna Cave and experience the visit of the destination with a professional guide. The landing of the helicopter can even be arranged inform a Michelin star restaurant or a winery in the wine region. We like to define it as, sky is the limit, let us just know your interests and we can draft the perfect itinerary for flying over Slovenia.

In the Alpine region, you can explore the early morning dusk flying over Lake Bled with the balloon. It is a different point of view and the morning alpine scenery is always taking the breath away.

Private Yachts Rental in Slovenia

Slovenia has its own stretch of Coast on the Adriatic Bay which gives the opportunity to enjoy also some sea and sun related activities. Our planning can assist on yacht rental per day or per week, assistance with day trips on the sea and water sports. If your party is requesting a fun and relaxing day on the sea, let us know and we can find the perfect fit for it. Sailing along the way with a yacht not only offers you the chance to relax with the sea breeze, but you can also experience the local cuisine provided by a professional caterer to make your day well planned out.

Golf in Slovenia

Slovenia is known to offering a variety of choices when it comes to golf courses. You can easily plan your stay in Slovenia around different gold activities in a week. Based in one of the luxury accommodations in Ljubljana, Portoroz or Bled, you can play gold each day on a different golf course in Slovenia. We plan your transfers, lunches and accommodation. Let us know and we provide a customized itinerary. Just to list some of the most popular Slovenia golf courses: Royal Bled Golf Course, Golf Club Lipica, Mokrice Golf Course…

Explore the nature

In order to explore all the natural beauty Slovenia can offer, we can assist you with planning your visit also for activities that include hiking, rafting, biking, personalized walks in the woods, bear watching… Slovenia outdoor activities offer a palette of undiscovered and new approaches to provide a pristine journey topped with a authenticity of the local environment.

When planning your next visit to Slovenia, let us know what are your interests and we can work together on an itinerary that will highlight the unique luxury experience Slovenia has to offer.