Guiding Services On The Slovenian Coast

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As an established tour operator and DMC agent in Slovenia, Atlas Express joined a project organized by Slovenian Tourist Board to support the business with local guides in Slovenia. The project includes subsidized travel guide services by the Slovenian Tourist Board for the coastal towns.

In the past weeks we have been quite active in offering these services to interested visitors through our online platforms and have taken a number of visitors on tours to the Slovenian coastal towns of Piran, Izola and Koper. To create an experience for the guests, we have also integrated a bicycle tour activity and an active olive harvesting. Until now, visitors have taken every precaution to follow our local guides, but as new regulations have come in, we are reducing our offer. In the future we will have to invite some guests to our tour of the Karst area, where exploring the trails in nature could be a challenge for the visitors. There is much history and heritage hidden in the narrow streets of the Mediterranean towns on the Slovenian coast. The local guiding services are the ones that transform a visit into an experience. You are always free to contact us for personalised travel planning and organisation of day tours while overnight in Portoroz.

In view of the prospect of a better future and much more happenings in the travel industry, we are happy to participate in this incentive. To also show our support to our long term partners who have in the past enabled a smooth running of all our tours. #ifeesLOVEnia