Lake Bled and Julian Alps as a Cruise, MICE, FIT, Leisure and Luxury Destination in Slovenia

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bled island tour to bled from koper

As we had made a trip to Lake Bled, which is still today the most famous place in Slovenia worldwide, we decided to present some ideas how the destination Bled and its sights could fit to the different travel and tourism demographics.

A visit to Bled in summer is a good choice. It offers a gateway to many different activities and sights. Slovenia is known as a four-season destination, where each season brings a new colour to the travel experience. Let’s stick to summer this time around. In the article we will highlight some of the activities that may be suitable for different travel markets:

Shore Excursion

Visiting Lake Bled remains one of the most popular shore excursions on a cruise to Slovenia. It is a full day tour, usually including two sights, which are inevitably the most recognised trademarks. Bled Castle offers the most memorable view over the area, where the lake is only one part of it, because the second part of the view are the mighty Julian Alps. The second landmark is the traditional flat-bottomed boat called pletna. It is a recognised boat used for the transport of passengers from the lake shore to the Bled Island. On the island there is the church of St. Mary, which is located on the top of the island. Legend has it that under the wishing bell inside the church you can make a wish, but you have to repeat it three times to fulfil it. You can also climb the bell tower and have another look at the area. The stairs with 99 stairs are the real challenge. On your honeymoon, you only need to carry your bride up the stairs to have a happy and long lasting marriage.


In Bled there is a selection of several larger hotels fully equipped with meeting and conference facilities. Either the group will stay at the national hotel brand Sava Hotel and resorts or at the protocol venue of Vila Bled. The former residence of Marshal Tito today is a resemblance to the historical era that was present in Slovenia for decades. The venue has been preserved in its authentic style and is the perfect choice for a private event, either in the main building or on the Cafe Belvedere terrace where the former president hosted all state visits. The venue is immersed in the lush park and has the closest and sharpest view of the Bled Island.


Bled is a perfect gateway if you are looking for a holiday that is relaxing but at the same time offers the opportunity to explore nature at its best. You can plan your stay between walks along the mountain paths or in the various gorges yourself, and combine it all with a nice bike ride along the many different paths that the area has to offer. One of the best day trips you could make on your own is the Vintgar Gorge, a path along the stream where the rapids impress with their shades of green and blue. If you are looking for a more themed exploration of the area, you can join one of the many bee-keepers that have been established in the area. You can visit a real beekeeper and learn more about the process of honey production. After an intense day in the open air, a nice walk along the lake shore is just what crowns the day.

bled island tour to bled from koper


When planning a leisure package tour, the programme may also include day trips to neighbouring cities and regions. Lake Bled You can plan two or three included excursions separately for each day, which will bring out the Slovenian Alpine Region best in you. One day can be planned for the panoramic tour up to the Vrsic Mountain pass, from where guests can enjoy the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps. There are several picturesque mountain huts along the way. A stop to taste some of Slovenia’s alpine delicacies is always our suggestion. A blueberry strudel, buckwheat porridge with greaves, sour milk and a Slovenian favourite dish on the spoon, as we say, barley stew. Another choice could be Triglav National Park to explore the place where the glacial Lake Bohinj owns the landscape landscape. Visiting the Mountain Vogel for a scenic view with a cable car or a walk to the Savica Waterfall are the most popular activities for a group trip in the area.


Lake Bled is known to be located near the Royal Bled Golf Course. We had planned tournaments and golf academies for our customers. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe. When planning your round of golf, our expertise can combine your day’s activity with a helicopter transfer to the location or combine it with a day’s yacht rental. Slovenia’s location makes all this possible.

Lake Bled has maintained its primary role as a tourist destination for centuries. Starting as a health resort by Arnold Rikli, it has slowly developed into a world-renowned tourist destination. Bled has seen it all, state visits, festivals, sporting events, but always remained true to itself with its own beauty. It is the destination that is worth a visit