Local Collaboration Between Atlas Express and Turistica University Enhances Practical Learning Opportunities

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Atlas Express a leading Shore Excursion Operator, has once again partnered with Faculty of Tourism Studies, a renowned local institution, to offer valuable practical experience to students through an annual internship program. This year, the collaboration has yielded remarkable results, as one intern, discovered the untapped potential of dispatching operations during a cruise call in Koper.

The internship program, established by Atlas Express in partnership with Faculty of Tourism Studies, aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Each year, one deserving student is selected to join the team, providing them with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

While working closely with the dispatching operations team, they recognized an area of improvement in managing cruise calls in Koper. The student observation and fresh perspective led them to propose innovative solutions that could enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations.

Furthermore, Taja Macek’s participation in the local guide license program, organized annually by the Portoroz-Piran Tourist Board, further demonstrates the collaborative efforts between Atlas Express and Portoroz Tourist Board, and other local stakeholders. By engaging in such initiatives, Taja is not only contributing valuable practical skills but also actively supporting the local tourism industry’s development.


The partnership between Atlas Express and Turistica University reflects a shared commitment to fostering educational opportunities and nurturing local talent. It not only provides students with invaluable industry experience but also establishes a strong connection between academia and the professional world.

The successful collaboration between Atlas Express and Faculty of Tourism Studies serves as a testament to the power of partnerships between academic institutions and local businesses. It not only benefits the students but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of the local community and tourism sector.

As the internship program continues to flourish, Atlas Express and Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica remain committed to nurturing young talent, promoting practical learning, and driving innovation in the local shore excursions programs. Through ongoing collaborations, they aim to shape the future of the tourism industry while empowering students to become leaders in their respective fields.