Local Experiences for Slovenia Incentive Groups

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Do you look for a specific and authentic local experience that captures active experience with a local immersion. We found the perfect mix in the Karst Region. Known for the burja wind, stalagmites and stalactites, the region offers some of the most breathtaking cave systems in the world.

Create a Slovenia incentive experience exploring the local homesteads where authentic food and wine are at home. Your Slovenia DMC will select and pick the best hosts at each venue. Providing the special touch of the Slovenian hospitality, while the guests indulge in all the local flavours. The journey is a landscape of Slovenia flavours where with the right combination the experience can combine food, wines, culture and wonderful scenery.

Some of the traditional Slovenian foods include locally produced dry meats such as prosciutto, bacon, salami. Cheese from the surrounding pastures and vegetables. As well as wine. The new trends highlight the orange and rose wines. Both with an interesting note and produced with opposite methods in order to create the unique characteristics of wine.

The day on an incentive to Slovenia, usually includes: an aperitif at a family run homestead with speciality wines and nibbles. The guests learn about the local wine production and learn the heritage of the Slovenia wine region. The second stop can either be a Slovenia Michelin star restaurant luncheon with entertainment at the venue or a simpler version with a luncheon served at a local inn with simple, authentic traditional food.

The Slovenian gastronomy day can include also some activities such a special hike in the caves or a visit of the famous Lipizzaner horses.

The day at Karts is a combination of tradition and nature!