sLOVEenia And Its Romance

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A giant heart overlooking the magical Lake Bled and Castle, doesn’t it sound fantastic? It actually is.

We highly recommend you to take your time when on your tour to enjoy the breath-taking view but do not forget to take a photograph or two with the Bled Island framed in the centre of the heart – a lovely self-made Slovenian souvenir for you to hold onto forever. After all it offers a great opportunity for you to strike a pose in the centre of the heart. Enjoy your tour and be creative!

Bled Lake Sun Set Leisure-Group Destination Slovenia

In the Northen part of Slovenia there is a small town Svečina with a heart shaped road between vineyards. There exist quite few urban legends about the origins of the heart, one of these says the farmers while constructing the road had a few too many drinks and thus made the road curvy, in the shape of a heart. However the official explanation is much more practical. The road is constructed in this way for practical reasons, to make the ascent less steep.

One of the most loved Slovenian souvenirs is surely the traditional gingerbread heart. This traditional Slovenian sweet treat has always been a symbol of love. With the tradition dating back to the 14th century. Did you know, young boys used to gift girls with their neatly decorated honey dough hearts as an expression of devotion and love. Get yourself a  Slovenian gingerbread heart and spread love, spice and everything nice.

Enjoying a nice walking tour through Ljubljana city? Then the Butchers’s Bridge is surely a place you have to pass by. It is located nearby the Plečnik Central Market. The name doesn’t sound romantic at all, however ironically it is teeming with romance. Hundreds and hundreds of couples while on their trip through Slovenia have already locked a padlock on the bridge with their initials engraved upon it. It represent a symbolical promise of an everlasting love story.

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