Slovenia an Incentive Destination for Outdoor Activities Between the Alps and the Undergrounds

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If looking for diversity between activities and dining options Slovenia is the right answer. A program that highlights the diversity of the country through the selection of outdoor activities is an interesting way for an intense and short program in Slovenia.

Starting with the Alpine outdoor, the selection varies from destinations and sport activities.

At the Triglav National Park the groups can venture to the mountain Vogel peak and enjoy the day with snow related activities. Incentive programs for Slovenia can be adjusted to the season and time of travel. Outdoor programs vary in intensity and creativity.


In the morning the gondola takes the group above the clouds to the sunny mountain slopes at which the guests proof themselves in a unique mono sleigh race. On a private ski slope the area is reserved for a sleigh competition. The natural scenery can be simply breathtaking as the peaks get showered with sunlight and fresh powder snow. Lunchtime embraces the local traditional flavors of the area, known for the dietary products, dry cuts and homemade strudel.

The afternoon is reserved for the snow rafting. An adrenalin filled experience where the group shares the raft and ventures down the slope.The day is filled with activity, snow, fresh air and good vibes.

Next day the adventure continues with the outdoor activity that is actually indoor in the heart of the Slovenian Karst region. Admire the marvelous 24-kilometre-long underground cave system of Postojna through a pathway  that is closed for the majority of the public and hides many chambers and smaller caves that can be discovered privately with a group. Its stalagmites, stalactites and crystals filled ceilings are unique in all its splendour which can be enjoyed meanwhile riding on a small train which can be reserved privately for one specific group.

At the end of the journey through Slovenia, the stop can be in the capital – Ljubljana for a visit on a bike. Exploring the outlines of the city, with its major park and the lively river embraces the city landscape before exploring its core. A gourmet visit of Ljubljana is a must, as its location created a melting pot of all culinary trends in Slovenia.