Slovenia Truffle Hunt, Wine Tasting and Olive Oil Story

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Fun drive for the day exploring the tradition of olive oil production. Drive along Slovene Riviera in little and bright vintage van, which will go though vineyards, and olive groves, and all the way to the panoramic Belvedere viewpoint above the fishing town of Izola. Next stop will drive into the heart of the oil production, where an explanation of how how the olive mill works and how the oil is made. 
A must do experience for a group while visiting Slovenia is a truffle hunt demonstration and tasting. You’ll have an exciting time exploring the region’s forests for truffles, featuring a friendly guide and usually, a truffle-hunting dog. Slovenia’s truffle industry is famous around the world, and many varieties of truffles can be found in the Istria region.
After the successful indulge in  „fuži“ – homemade pasta with truffles according to old family recipes with locals. This excellent food will be accompanied by a glass of wine from a local winemaker.
Wine experts, love Koper and the surrounding area as it is home to several wineries producing the region’s signature Istrian wines. At Rodica Winery, you’ll tour the facilities to learn how they produce their wines. The winery is located on the top of the hill and offers magnificent views over the Gulf of Trieste and the unspoiled nature of the Dragonja river valley. Covering the area of 15 hectares, the farm grows 60,000 vines of mostly different varieties, such as Refosco, Malvasia, and Yellow Muscat, as well as others, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Pinot Griggio. Wine tasting is mostly hosted by owners of winery – Rodica family for them its not about the business its a lifestyle and their passion!
Exploring a destination with its main ingredients is a treat for all food and wine lovers around the world. Combining different products into a gastronomic experience is the power of the Slovenian coastal region.