Slovenia Winter Ski Programs for MICE, Leisure and Fit’s

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Slovenia is known for reinventing itself through different seasons, therefore each season brings innovation and creativity for travel planners. You can choose from different destinations that change the content of the programs with its natural diversity and heritage. You can choose from a variety of ski resorts that are suitable for different travel programs. Some are more suitable for Slovenia MICE programs, other are more FIT orientated, the last once are prefect for vacation packages. There is always something for everyone.

As a surprise, this year’s winter provides ski slopes filled with fresh snow and people are just eager to hit the mountain as soon as this will be possible. Slovenia is a ski country; form always skiing was one of the most popular sports in the country, with our sportsmen and sportswomen celebrating worldwide achievements on most important skiing competitions. An interesting fact about Slovenia; as a nation without a real downhill race track we hold the Olympic medal also in category.

There are plenty of options, how to incorporate the skiing passion into a travel program:

MICE Slovenia

Prefect addition to an intense meeting or conference event schedule in Ljubljana or Lake Bled is a day on the slopes. In the past we organized events, where guests did spend a day outdoors with ski related activities. The ski resort of Krvavec is reachable from Ljubljana within a short 30 minute drive from the city centre. Clients can decide for optional outdoor group activities that vary from a day skiing, snows shoeing, ski lessons, nordic walk on the slopes, sledding or a complete team activity on the snow. Perfect choice of a team building activity is the Winter Olympic Games, where guests get to enrich the common bond and collaboration. To add the special attention for the group, there can always be organized a private reception, ski party and an open air buffet lunch, with traditional Slovenian cuisine. Creating a customized incentive program for a winter incentive in Slovenia is something we look forward each winter season.


Leisure groups in Slovenia Ski Resorts

Organized package vacations in Kranjska Gora highlight the time for skiing and exploring the region. The stay is divided between activities on the slopes and day tours to the nearby destination of Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Ljubljana. In order to provide more options the programs can be based in order to include the activities such as group torch hike, sledging activity and snow shoe walk in Tamar valley. There is a vast selection of activities in order to create an active holiday package or keep to the leisure and offer guests optional activities.


Individual Family Holidays

Kranjska Gora is Slovenia most popular ski resort for vacation packages. Known worldwide as one of the hosting destination of world cup alpine competitions is also a pleasant and relaxing destination for family vacations. Experiencing Kranjska Gora offers the opportunity to explore the Slovenian alpine region, taking part in tours and activities that highlight the area, tasting some of the Slovenian local cuisine in many restaurants in the town. Accommodation wise there is a choice of 4 larger hotels and many private accommodations.