Spring Themed Group Activities in Slovenia

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Knowing Slovenia for its diversity, organising a visit during the spring time highlights it all. Spending the days exploring the nature and the customised events that fit into the ambiance you can plan a diverse and yet sustainable event. Involvement of the local communities brings to the final experience the touch of local hospitality and heritage.

Everything is blooming and so does the start of the season for group events. Organising an event in spring time has its benefits. The main season is not at the doors, the venues are available and there is a general ease that connects the events smoothly. Incorporating experiences that are true to the nature is just a way to feel Slovenia in its simplicity.

Sensorial walk in the forest

For a more dedicated exploration of the Slovenian woods, we created a program that includes a sensory walk where guests learn about the use of wild foods and herbs with the sounds of pristine nature and taste of organic local delicacies. 

Defined also as a forest bathing, the walk connects all five senses and offers the pace of mind. Sometimes enjoying a relaxing walk under the tree tops and along the river rapids can offer the mindfulness needed for opening to inner creativity.

Open air picnics with catering

Partnered with a local club of farmer’s wife’s we can create a picnic in the nature providing a zero waste catering option. The core of the product is too bring attention to the simplicity of locally grown and produced food, natural environment and use of handicraft decor. 

Exploring Slovenia with an organised experience or with a private small group tour, a well planned lunch in the nature can introduce the local ambience with its innovation.

A hike in the mountain blossoming fields

For the well planned and last minute travel arrangements, there is a surprise that can be in the game of a well planned itinerary. If visiting Slovenia during the blossoming period, a hike to the mountain tops can open a scenic sight to fields of blossoming flowers fulfilling the spirits.

A Taste of the Piran Sea bass

Feel the sea-breeze while you learn about the Aquaculture tradition of Fonda Sea bass Farm. Located on the Adriatic Coast it offers a perfect insight into the Mediterranean gastronomy of Slovenia. Sailing through the farm is just the beginning, after the lecture of Dr. Fonda you are treated to a tasting, which can be converted into a real pop-up dining scene. Organising with the care for the environment the dinner menu sources all ingredients locally.

Honey workshop

Looking for learning something new each journey, we have the answer. Slovenia has its own honey bee. You can see the dedication of the bee keepers to preserve the spices. Meeting a professional bee keeper introduces the story of the honey production and the place of beekeeping in Slovenian heritage.