Step By Step Guide To Planning The Ideal Visit To Slovenia

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Ljubljana Riverbanks Restaurant

When planning the visit to Slovenia, we always suggest the following steps in order to understand what shall be included in the final travel itinerary within Slovenia. Starting planning the program for the Slovenia visit can be easier if checking some of the general information’s about what makes Slovenia a perfect travel destination:

Four seasons in Slovenia

Slovenia is a year-round destination, which offers a vast selection of activities and experiences. Summer months are suitable for exploring the Mediterranean Coast with activities on the Adriatic Coast. Winter months are suitable for skiing holidays in the Alps. Spring and autumn are great to explore the Slovenian cities and indulge in the hospitality by visiting some of the local producers.

Triple Bridge Ljubljana Old Town Preseren Square City Center

Slovenia Air Connectivity 

Travelling to Slovenia is easy. While the major International Airport is located 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city Ljubljana, there are other possibilities. The neighbouring airports are close by, which makes it possible to reach Slovenia as a final destination with an organised transfer. Venice, Treviso and Trieste airports are the closest Italian airports to Slovenia. Zagreb is another airport that makes it easy to reach Slovenia, but there is also the possibility to fly to Pula or Rijeka. If lying to Austria, Slovenia can be reached from Vienna with around 3 to 4 hours long transfer. 

Slovenia Travel Plan

Visiting Slovenia comes in many forms. We suggest defining the focus and deciding what type of travel are you looking for. Perhaps a program and itinerary for corporate business travel to Slovenia. If looking for Slovenia M.I.C.E travel planning, where exclusivity, uniqueness and innovations are key ingredients, the green country is the answer. Organised group tours, where the inclusions of top Slovenia sights are a must and nothing shall be missed. Or an itinerary planned to perfection for individual exploring, with the support of our travel advisers. Everything is possible and all travel types have something unique for its customers. 

Main Slovenia Travel Destination

While most destinations are accessible with a short drive, it is always suggested to focus on what you want to see beforehand. The diversity offers a broad offer of activities in different regions. Perhaps it is always suitable to define which landmarks are a must-see part of the itinerary.

Length of stay in Slovenia

Try to arrange as many days as you can for visiting Slovenia. But if you cannot then we always suggest a minimum of three days.

Deciding your main priorities on these five steps we can efficiently assist in providing the best solution for organising the right program for your needs. Either a corporate retreat or a group tour – all have their own demands. It is our job to work on that and charm a unique experience of Slovenia.