Unique Experience at the Fonda Fish Garden

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Exploring Slovenia via roads, mountains, rivers and lakes are a few options you can look for when planning to visit, but there is one more; discovering the Adriatic Sea and its coastline.

Slovenia Coastline or as it is referred to now Slovenian Istra has a completely Mediterranean vibe. Once on the Coast, you feel and live the southern life of Slovenia. The food turns into fresh produce from the local production, wine and olive oil are a must, local salt is precious for its heritage and the fresh seafood is just to top it off. 

Hidden in the heart of the Portoroz and Piran Salt fields, there is one of the wonderful producers, the Fonda Aquaculture. The location itself offers multiple options of spending a relaxing day learning more about the Piran sea bass and the production. The Fish garden is a place where ideas and flavours mingle which makes also space for creative MICE events.

Located in the Piran Bay in Slovenia, surrounded by clean and deep water with a strong sea current, here you can experience a submarine world. Welcome at Fonda Fish farm with over thirty species of fish. Definitely a nice stop during your visit of Slovenia. Not only more than 30 fish species, you will be able to observe a mussel farm as well.


Let us give you some information. Fish spawns are raised in free floating meshed cages in open water, located in the middle of the fish reserve. Due to the favourable conditions – Mediterranean climate and clean water with lower salt content – the fish meat produced here is of high quality as well as better in flavour.

The fish are fed manual with selected food of high quality only. Here you will find the Piran Sea Bass with mark of origin and guarantee of quality. Fishing and seafood production is an important part of Slovenian tradition, which makes Fonda Farm a meeting point of old and the new. 

If you are looking for a different, original, outdoor event space in Portoroz, the location might be the perfect fit. With different set ups and the segment of the visit where the guests get involved into the product, it makes it unique. In all of it, of course, we incorporate all the local ingredients that are at home in the area and make the day delicious.