Visit Slovenia, An Itinerary Where You Can Feel Love

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It is the month of love. February in Slovenia is primarily about the carnival tradition, depending on the date it falls to every year, but nevertheless no-one forgets about love and the St. Valantines Day. We will take you around Slovenia’s landmarks, that showcase love.

Heart shaped wine road

Slovenia is known for naming many roads with the general name of the produce. Therefore you can find fruit roads, honey roads, milk roads and finally the wine roads. Wine roads are spread around the different wine regions in Slovenia and one of them, is in the shape of heart. It is a perfect photo stop to have a heart shaped road embraced by vineyards as your backdrop. The roads are also part of the nordic walk trail along the many vineyards in the region.

Mountain peak in the shape of heart

Slovene have a special love for outdoors and among one of the most popular activities is hiking. Each day you can walk along a mountain Trail to admire the pristine nature and have a nice refreshment in the traditional mountain huts. The sixth highest mountain, Jalovec, has the mountain peak in the shape of heart. Another demonstration of love for the nature.

Hearts as Slovenian traditional souvenir

Gingerbread hearts are a traditional Slovenian souvenir. Mostly known for the Alpine region, the honey biscuits are done mostly as a honey bread and coloured with red collar only on one side. While visiting Slovenia you can join one of the traditional workshop houses, where the traditional way of making them is presented and can be a nice activity during the visit.

Being true to its name Slovenia, does not only hide love in its name, but does also offer love to be found around the country. As a DMC we always like to promote special treasures that can be moved around and offered to the fingertips of our guests in order to be lived.