Host Your Conference Outside at Open

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unconventional table outside
As the trend towards open-air meetings increases from year to year, the unusual, unique and cultural location ideas are also expanding. The productivity of such meetings is naturally higher, offering better engagement with colleagues and encouraging brainstorming and argumentative skills. During our Slovenian Coast stay we can offer more than just an amazing setting – in the vineyard. At the local boutique winery, situated in the countryside, guests will experience traditions, a passion for wine and, of course, excellent cuisine.

The conference can be arranged in boho style, with beautiful cushions on the floor, or more rustic, with haystacks as seats or tables. The furniture set up can be from a choice of possibilities. The theme and style are a choice that we propose with the elements that can found on site and added on custom demand. Our team of decorators can recreate the rustic and incorporate the elegance into every venue. Of course, this type of meeting does not use any technique, but an old-fashioned style – pen, paper or cardboard, we provide that too. These meetings are suitable to be casual, creative and unformal.

To spice up the meeting, the guests take part in the truffle hunt and go in search of these black treasures that grow in this part of the Karst area, take a tour of the production and the wine cellar with the host himself, and of course have a delicious lunch that can also be served in the vineyard. The locations vary and the activities that could be part of the happening do also. There are plenty of choices on what would be suitable for a board meeting or a middle sized conference outdoors. Our strategy is to listen to the clients demand and to offer a flexible approach into creating a unique space that would suit all clients’ demands.

It is a nice combination of half-day tour and open-air conference, combined with traditions, culinary and business. Enjoy the view over the vineyards and just enjoy the refreshing ambiance.