Slide Into Venetian Times in Magnificence of Palace Hotel

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crystal hall ballroom in kempinski palace
The Slovenian coast was under Venetian rule for more than 500 years, which shows the great influence of architecture and design in each of the old town centres along the coast. The most widespread style was that of Gothic architecture, which became unique to Venice because it was designed to give lightness and grace to the building. No more weight was ever added than necessary, as the architects wanted to admire each building individually. The Slovenian coast offers a beautiful example of each Venetian era, where guests can easily sink into the world of masks and costumes. Typical conference rooms and halls are exchanged with interesting, unique rooms where meetings can be arranged at a more casual pace to achieve interest and concentration on the topic under discussion.

In Piran, a traditional opera evening with selected musicians from the Serenissima can take place Giuseppe Tartini Theater in the most beautiful small theatre in Slovenia. It is compact, but offers a unique ambience in which guests can enjoy a tailor-made artistic performance. Furthermore, all chairs can be removed and a set up for about 80 people can be arranged for a gala dinner. A second option for the venue is a real Venetian Masquerade, where the whole evening is dedicated to La Serenissima from music, food and décor.

But the most beautiful place for such an event is a glamorous Kempinski Palace Portoroz. The so-called hotel ballroom Crystal Hall is part of Slovenia’s cultural heritage and has retained all its golden splendor to this day to attract attention. The event can take the form of a masked dance or a gala dinner with a Venetian theme.

Koper, the largest city on the coast, offers two amazing palaces where the meeting, coffee break and additional events can be held. The Praetorian Palace with a staircase, two towers and coats of arms on the facade is the most important building in Koper. It has been the seat of the mayor up to the present day, where all meetings are still held in the plenary hall – main conference hall as it was centuries ago. This is what gives the hall itself a special recognition. Decisions have been taken between these walls for centuries. The structure is still the same as in the Venetian times. The palace offers a beautiful view over the main square, Tito Square.

The best place to plan the meeting according to your wishes would be the Belgamoni Tacco Palace Regional Museum of Koper today. The museum offers a variety of rooms that can be converted into meeting rooms. The most admirable is the most Piano Nobile gracious room in the palace, where we can arrange additional furniture, beautiful sofas or couches and club tables that blend beautifully with wooden furniture and gold decoration. The atmosphere itself in the room will give you an impression of history while sitting between the centuries-old heritage. The best place for a coffee break is the Lapidarium, the outdoor garden, where we can arrange catering and additional furniture if desired. The performance can be arranged with classical Venetian melodies in the garden, with surprising additions when Venetian actors, mixing with the group, have a chat or just take a photo.

Offer your next conference a different setting, something that will be remembered and appreciated for centuries to come.