Vintage Self-Drive Event for a Chartered Cruise​

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Vintage Self-Drive Event for a Chartered Cruise

Request: We need to create a memorable experience for our guests, a group of 60 people

When we got to know that event needs to be organised for the whole ship, meaning all guests would participate to the event, we started to brain storm around the content. The main aim was to include sights and venues that were exclusive with surprise elements along the way. 

Starting point was just a minute drive away from the passenger pier in Piran. Guests were met by the vintage cars all lined up at the designated parking lot, waiting to be driven to the final destination. All cars were equipped with a road-book, which had detailed information’s of the selected road to the destinations. Guests grouped up and started their journey through Portoroz, Koper and the Karst region, all the way to Lipica. Once at destination, they had a special set up and tailor made program awaiting them and offering them a memorable experience. 

Future: The day activity which includes the vintage self drive, can start from any destination in Slovenia. The program is flexible and offers a great opportunity to experience something new but at the same time offers a way to explore the diversity of the landscapes at your own pace.